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IllinoisCarry Litigation Fund

Molly B.

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Still would like a heads up on where the money will be spent. (See previous)


I'm not talking a detail accounting, I know IC signed on the daycare lit, but have you donated to others, if so which?


Perhaps, post a poll of where we would like our money to go?



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I've had $50/mo paid directly from my checking account to a national gun rights organization for the last year.  When I set it up I planned on doing it for one year only and as far as I know they're  not involved in any litigation in Illinois.

Does Illinois Carry have a way to set something up so I can start doing that for contributions to the litigation fund?  I trust Illinois Carry to see that the money goes to the organization that will put it to best use.

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On 2/8/2023 at 7:11 AM, Mike said:

I do too. I was asking if there was a way we could set up automatic monthly contributions to the Illinois Carry litigation fund?



Yes, I believe on our donation link there is an option to make the payment monthly/annual recurring.  We have several subscribers who do this.  If you want to designate for litigation be sure to note it is for litigation.

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On 5/4/2023 at 3:11 PM, John Q Public said:

Wow, the best thing I ever did for the cause was to ask Valinda to start this thread. Todd gets JD, I'll have a bottle of Tullamore Dew please. :P


Thanks for the re-up Yeti!





Thank you John Q,  you've led me to dig deeper and come back to this fund several times.  You helped get a good thing rolling and we need to keep feeding this IC fund, Todd's group, the SAF, GOA, the suppressor lawsuit groups, etc. etc.


At this time, I won't donate directly to the ISRA or to the NRA as a matter of principal until leadership changes but more than offset what I would have sent their way to give to the groups above as well as complimentary helpers like the CRPC, the DC Project, etc.  My main focus is to win locally before leaving the state continues to look better and better.

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