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  1. Poor JB. He can't help that he was born with a silver pork chop in his mouth.
  2. This vid may shed a little more light on what's going on with the Supremes. It's not as bad as it looks:
  3. I mostly agree with this statement, but I think the anti's plot is deeper than that. I think they <know> the law is unconstitutional. I think they <know> at least parts of it won't stand court scrutiny. I think they know it'll be in court. Because that's <exactly> what they want for the purpose of causing the gun groups to spend lots of money fighting it. And when it finally makes its way through the system all the way to the USSC and is found to be unconstitutional, they'll change a few words and try again. They've weaponized the judicial system. They could not win a purely legal battle, so this is the next step. When a bill is found to be unconstitutional, it's time to fight back with stiff penalties for sponsors and signatories <at minimum.> This needs to stop.
  4. All the slips I've filed were checked "record of appearance only." I've not run across a detailed explanation of what constitutes a "written statement" and/or what diff does one make, if any. Does it just go into the circular file like it seems most of the "record of appearance only" slips do?
  5. On the Profile page, what goes in the box entitled "Representation " and "Title" when registering as a "Firm/Business or Agency?" I'm thinking that "Title" would be "Owner." No idea about "Representation."
  6. What's your beef with Stewart? He's my rep and solidly pro-gun. And a pro-gun vote on the House Judiciary committee. He was also the House sponsor of SB607.
  7. MN does recognition based on analysis of permit requirements, so one would think they would add Illinois. They don't do agreements or require reciprocity. I've inquired with them as to whether they had yet analyzed IL licenses and not received an answer yet. I wish they did do agreements, if they did, they'd have OH and NM and I'd pick up a non-res from them to cover all the extra states I don't have now. Who did you contact in MN? I'd much like to see MN on the list, too.
  8. Is getting IL to recognize MN the only way MN will recognize IL? Or is there another avenue?
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