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  1. Please tell us more about these old/new systems.
  2. Kind of reminds me of years ago when the ISRA refused to endorse Rauner because they didn't "know enough about him." WTH??? All a thinking person needed to know was that he was an R and his opponent was anti-gun. Should have been an automatic endorsement. But Pearson "didn't know enough." I never understood that.
  3. Anecdotally, last fall the wife and I vacationed in NE Minnesota for a week. At one point I needed to visit a state office in Grand Marais located in a stand-alone building at the edge of town. The front door was locked with the obligatory covid sign on the door. But I could see the office area behind the counter inside was full of employees busy at their computers. The employee parking lot at the rear of the building was full of cars. There actually seemed to be---gasp!---an actual work ethic on display! IMO, a similar work ethic seems to be lacking in Illinois, especially when it involves FOID and CCL. In Dec. 2012 the court ruled IL's carry ban unconstitutional and gave the state 6 months to fix it. First thing IL does is ask for another month. January 2014 the ISP began accepting applications, over a year after the court's ruling despite <knowing> CCL was coming and planning accordingly. The CCL approvals process has been slow-walked since the beginning. 90 to 120 days is obscene. The software employed in the original application rollout was archaic, buggy and the implementation sloppy. If this had been private industry heads would have rolled. If this had been a moon launch it would have blown up on the pad. Later Gov Fatfingers pilfered $30 million from the ISP's fund intended to be used for improvements to the "system" but which had been allowed to sit unused. Anyone in private industry <knows> this can happen and plans and allocates accordingly. Not the ISP apparently. And now this debacle. Yes, covid had an impact everywhere. But somehow private industry managed to find ways to adapt and move on. What I've heard mostly from Illinois bureaucrats is excuses instead of solutions. Not saying all, but 99% of the people I've discussed this with share the same frustration. State-run offices are a joke. Need examples? Stroll the aisles at your local stores. Remember how barren they were a year ago? Not any more. Illinois needs a new license plate. It's no longer the "Land of Lincoln." It's the "Land Where Mediocrity is Enshrined." Many years ago I saw a cartoon strip where a subordinate was complaining to a superior. The superior listened for a moment, and then hauled off and lifted the guy off the floor with a kick in the nutz. As he lay there rolling in agony, the superior leaned over and asked if he had the guy's full attention, if time was standing still, and if the pain had helped focus his mind? The court should do likewise with the ISP.
  4. Arrived today, May 16, 2019. 121 days flowtime, 85 workdays, and $150. Elsewhere, computers make it possible to remotely land vehicles on Mars. And a day later an unexpected new FOID arrived with the same number as the CCL, and the old exp. date. Separate envelopes, twice the postage. But it's only taxpayer money.
  5. Arrived today, May 16, 2019. 121 days flowtime, 85 workdays, and $150. Elsewhere, computers make it possible to remotely land vehicles on Mars.
  6. I think the argument is the almost (~360) daily FOID check is only checking a few databases for a reported violation and not the full set of databases that an application/renewal check goes through. I believe what I read referred to the daily FOID check plus a weekly NICS check. Both of which should be pretty fast I'd think. What else is there?
  7. Original license (no prints) expires 4/16/19 Submitted renewal (no prints) 1/15/19 - status "under review" as of 1/17/19 Question: Somewhere I've read that CCL/FOID license holders are background checked daily/weekly to continually ensure their status is correct. Amounting to hundreds of background checks per year. If so, wouldn't renewal of a valid license essentially be nothing more than a rubber stamp?
  8. On the Profile page, what goes in the box entitled "Representation " and "Title" when registering as a "Firm/Business or Agency?" I'm thinking that "Title" would be "Owner." No idea about "Representation."
  9. What's your beef with Stewart? He's my rep and solidly pro-gun. And a pro-gun vote on the House Judiciary committee. He was also the House sponsor of SB607.
  10. MN does recognition based on analysis of permit requirements, so one would think they would add Illinois. They don't do agreements or require reciprocity. I've inquired with them as to whether they had yet analyzed IL licenses and not received an answer yet. I wish they did do agreements, if they did, they'd have OH and NM and I'd pick up a non-res from them to cover all the extra states I don't have now. Who did you contact in MN? I'd much like to see MN on the list, too.
  11. Is getting IL to recognize MN the only way MN will recognize IL? Or is there another avenue?
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