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Joe Biden pledges 'Common Sense' Gun Control


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Joe Biden pledges 'common sense' gun control on anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre

Alex Woodward 18 hrs ago


President-elect Joe Biden has renewed his calls for stronger gun control measures in the US as he marked the eighth anniversary of the killing of 20 children and six teachers and school staff during the Sandy Hook massacre.


... there have been plenty of thoughts and prayers, but we know that is not enough,” he said. “Together with you and millions of our fellow Americans of every background all across our nation, we will fight to end this scourge on our society and enact common sense reforms that are supported by a majority of Americans and that will save countless lives.”


But recent efforts to curb gun violence through stronger gun control measures have faced significant roadblocks or were shelved by a polarised body in Washington. Donald Trump’s administration – for which the National Rifle Association has spent millions of dollars to support – has loosened gun sale regulations and reversed a rule under former president Barack Obama that restricted gun sales made by people identified by the Social Security Administration to be mentally unable to handle their finances.



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