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  1. Bailey and Trussel. The argument that Irwin has millions in campaign funding to "challenge" JB says just one thing - those two will burn through your tax dollars as wastefully as they print lies to voters.
  2. Bill HB 4244 Vaccine Registry has a new date, January 26th, and a new link to file Witness Slips. Not sure if they append to slips filled for the January 19th meeting or if it's necessary to file again. https://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/137267?committeeHearingId=18945&LegislationId=137267&LegislationDocumentId=172649&fbclid=IwAR3BlDax4YkOCqVApeaneXegSZrefOu1rx6SGRMRJySyVpamWgAO50yBN4Y
  3. Done and forwarded. Got a chuckle reading the summary, Mauserme.
  4. Our timeframe to move was 4-5 years based on wife's planned retirement date. However, vax mandates and other bureaucracy have turned her work into a compliance job versus being able to help more people in a given day or week. Thanks Democrats, for wrecking the productivity of good people. When you short circuit the ability of people to earn the income to pay the taxes AND interfere with the work itself, it's time to bail. BTW, as y'all sell off your stuff for pennies on the dollar via garage sales, ebay, craigslist, etc. be aware that Illinois has a very low threshold ($600) for issuing 1099's on that income (compared to other states). How many hours will you waste hunting for old faded receipts to prove your junk-clearing efforts netted a loss vs a profit?
  5. So, of the $5 - $6 trillion infrastructure bill, how much will firearm owners receive to fund the purchase of (more) gun safes? None? Suddenly it's not a priority for Democrats is it?
  6. "...give grants to on-the-ground community organizations that know how and where intervention is needed in the state’s most violent communities." If some "community organizations" already know how and where intervention is needed, why are there still homicides every week? Do they sit on their hands waiting for Democrats give them money? Let's think this through. Giving grant money to gangs will induce them to a ceasefire UNTIL THEY HAVE COLLECTED ALL THE MONEY AVAILABLE then resume settling the score with rivals. But cronies will be richer, so that's justification enough.
  7. January 6th: The day it became apparent that Property Rights, the defense thereof, and the DOJ only exist for members of Congress.
  8. Applied for CCL renewal 1/28/21 for a March expiration. Training certificate submitted 4/3/21. Received the card today (7 days after going Active). Total days from initial application: 300 Days since training cert submitted: 235 The next renewal date shows as 3/1/26, so the state shorted me 8 months (13.3% of 60 months).
  9. No one needs a high-capacity utility vehicle designed for land assaults, equipped with a fully automatic transmission. With just one press of the pedal, hundreds will perish. And now, domestic terrorists have escalated by using electric motor power with instant torque to accelerate the killing power of their machines.
  10. Just wondering, was his severe depression reported to background check systems or not? Asking for a friend who appreciates irony.
  11. There it is: "Qualified Organizations". Back in the day, the family, the church, and employment kept people on the straight and narrow. Now that leftists have destroyed those institutions, there is an endless demand for grant money so that cronies can generate buzzwords and programs that do nothing but waste money, line insider's pockets, and let do-gooders feel good about themselves. You can bet your last dollar that these "qualified organizations" must all adhere to the same leftist pipe dreams that sent Chicago/Cook County to the bottom in the first place.
  12. People had how much time to file for HFA3? A one-hour window? These Democrats suck - excuse my French-Canadian.
  13. Our north suburban Rep's office is decidedly anti-2A. But the assistant who answered my email complaint was professional and apologetic. However, they accepted the ISP's answer without challenge. "The CCL renewal has been assigned to an analyst, but there is no estimate when it will be processed". I think we know now that CCL renewals are in limbo, indefinitely and our Reps aren't pushing to get what we paid for.
  14. My wife renewed her FOID on 8/03/21. It's now listed as Issued 8/17/21 (14 days). Waiting for the mail. Note that my wife's name is not common, so that might expedite the review process.
  15. Jackals and Cackles 2020: Thoughts so deep you feel violated.

  16. There were more important things (cronies) to spend the hijacked $30 million on than the cyber security and physical security of Constitutionalists.
  17. First, we're invaded by Mexican drug cartel members and other dangerous persons. Next comes the invasion by Mexican attorneys? How much will be tolerate?
  18. Where do the drug cartels produce the drugs that lead to constant bloodshed? Innocent Mexicans decided to join violent gangs after seeing a magazine ad? Maybe Hollywood movies and video games inspired a life of murderous behavior.
  19. Democrats' ultimate goal is to pander to high net worth donors. They will say anything and pass anything to grab dollars from the self-righteous elite.
  20. Was it the ACLU that funded and won the McDonald or Ezell cases? No. Or, is their sole purpose to throw rotten eggs at whitey? Asking for a friend.
  21. Common sense insurance? It would be sensible if people who voted Democrat carried insurance for riots, looting, arson, gang crimes, murders, abortions, unemployment, and reparations to mal-contents. You know, all the consequences of blue-city and blue-state policies. "Here's your D ballot and your premium coupon. Want to vote twice? Just include twice the insurance premium".
  22. 11/24/21 Update for CCL renewal with prints now Active: 300 days from payment submitted on Jan 28, 2021 and 235 days from submitting class certificate on 4/3/21. Three separate inquiries were made through our Democrat Representative's office to keep them informed of the backlog and the $30 million in FOID/CCL fees that were taken from the ISP. Not much care or concern on their part.
  23. Yep. We drive up to Woodmans in Kenosha. The cheese aisle must be 50 yards long. The separate entrance for the beer/wine/spirits section is efficient.
  24. There are Amish communities near Decatur. We spent a day there in April observing a thriving community free of mask Nazi's. In defiance, the Amish girls wore their blue masks on top of their heads LOL.
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