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  1. Beyond false advertising, Gun Free Zones are like bait to criminals and mass murderers. And THAT should be criminal given that we have enumerated rights.
  2. Waiting for psych med manufacturers and associated psychiatrists to be sued. Crickets. Guns don't ***create*** blank-stare soul-less murderous zombies. Weird drugs do that.
  3. Scummy moves are typical for Highland Park where the residents will badmouth a new restaurant for putting too much authentic spice in their food. Where you'll experience passive aggressive a-hole behavior from residents who either are attorneys or have one on speed dial. How dare an outsider disrupt their "me first" make-believe "Gun Free Zone" utopia?
  4. Democrat playbook: [create problem] >> [mandate a solution] >> [spend tax dollars on poor implementation] >> [raise campaign funds by smearing critics] What's missing? 1. Self-awareness of how Democrat policies have created many problems that lead to poverty, crime, violence, and suicide. 2. Analyzing all possible solutions versus the first populist "do something" knee-jerk response that comes to mind. 3. Follow-up metrics to identify policy failures and willingness to revise or reverse strategy. 4. Addiction to blaming opponents for failures as a means to raise campaign cash. 5. Investigative journalism and discernment of voters.
  5. If marketing can create a mass shooter, then Highland Park should be sued for marketing themselves as a Gun Free Zone that, as we know, is like catnip for whack jobs who intend to do harm.
  6. How hard is it to make someone look dangerous by stressing them out AND placing their photo alongside scary black guns (with cases just like the gun smugglers on TV!). Red flag laws are ripe for abuse.
  7. LOL. Then it follows that being Antifa, Marxist, or radical leftist is not "anti-government", and serve as useful tools and henchmen of said government. But sure, let's allow the media to cast "anti-government right wing militias" as the only threat to "democracy".
  8. On Wednesday morning, Facebook released a bunch of posts and memes to my feed from conservative sources that were generated on Monday. That's your message suppression right there.
  9. 20+ years ago, there was uproar in a liberal eastern state over a pre-existing sports car racing circuit (Bridgehampton) as housing developments encroached. "The noise and exhaust fumes are hazardous", they cried. However, a study determined that the elitists' golf courses posed a much greater threat to the environment and water table from fertilizer and weed control run-off. Just as "racing cars" are bad in the eyes of emotional people, so are "gun ranges". Democrats kill what they do not understand.
  10. Because the only defense for a violent home invasion by a "MAGA extremist" should be to ask for a potty break, a cellphone, and maybe a hammer?
  11. Gun grabbers say the country has been "flooded" with untraceable guns? What about cities that were flooded with untraceable (hooded) Antifa arsonists and head-stompers? Any outrage there? Cities flooded with untraceable mobs of smash-and-grab looters? Any outrage? What about streets flooded with fentanyl? Any outrage? What about cities flooded with leftist mobs who were incited by Maxine Waters' violent rhetoric to harass and assault Republicans in restaurants, in their neighborhoods, etc.? Any outrage? What about political debates flooded with biased moderators? Any outrage?
  12. Democrats' big lie continues: "Republicans will take away your pension and Social Security". Future generations have no say in what's bankrupt vs sustainable.
  13. A classic leftist move would be to ban all power tools and machinery that could be used to make "additional parts". Who needs manufacturing capability when the future is "high-paying tech jobs", $15 per hour entry level jobs, casino work, and more IRS agents? <Not purple>
  14. Thanks, I corrected the OP. The Mayor of HP believes that SHE and her zealous GFZ policies are a sufficient deterrent. The data proves the opposite is true, as we know.
  15. Speaking of misleading messages, I'm sick of seeing "Highland Park Strong" signs and smarmy campaign ads. A strong Highland Park, without Gun Free Zones, and the presence of CCL owners could have deterred the 4th of July shooter. Will they learn? Doubtful.
  16. Is there evidence that just getting out of the car during a carjacking is a guarantee you won't be shot, stabbed, or stomped to death anyway? In such a moment, when the left amps up violence against "white people" without censure I would fear for my life, not just a bruising. And yes, even if the assailants were white thugs.
  17. Does anyone support a massacre of children using a machete, or poison gas, or whatever a whack job will dream up? No. But Democrats still insist that schools should never have a deterrent force on site. Who are the negligent ones?
  18. For someone just tuning in, the data shows that Gun Free Zones are Killing Zones. The Mayor of Highland Park could not be reached for comment.
  19. The exiled John Kass is helping with expose's on the SAFE-T Act. His post-Tribune reach is diminished but I see friends forwarding his articles on social media.
  20. I was not able to get a specific referral other than "You need a different local primary Dr. who isn't anti-2A." Seek treatment for something minor like a rash or cough and build a relationship. Would a local firearm instructor know some general physicians who would hear your story? Is it possible that the psych doctors you contacted simply don't like "cold calls", versus being referred to them by a colleague?
  21. Stone, we're in Lake County but I can ask my wife for some possible referrals. How long ago was the event you want to appeal? Seeing $1,000+ fees for a mental health evaluation reinforces my belief that Big Pharma and the Psych profession amplify the stigma of "guns" as cover to protect their revenues. If Psych meds were scrutinized, they would be implicated in many if not most mass-shooters who have soul-less blank-stare zombie expressions. I can think of one case where the Psychiatrist's files confirmed the person was potentially (very) violent, but that info was never reported to the precious NICS system.
  22. One thing I will say about Bailey and his wife is they have tirelessly met with voters across Illinois several times over. I can't even get a reply from our Dem Reps with offices two away miles from us. JB Clydesdale spends his time at the horse farm.
  23. And how Constitutional was it for Highland Park's foolish zealots to make the entire community a Gun Free Zone (aka target rich environment for cowardly murderers)?
  24. How do 8% even know who Scott Schluter is?
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