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  1. Our north suburban Rep's office is decidedly anti-2A. But the assistant who answered my email complaint was professional and apologetic. However, they accepted the ISP's answer without challenge. "The CCL renewal has been assigned to an analyst, but there is no estimate when it will be processed". I think we know now that CCL renewals are in limbo, indefinitely and our Reps aren't pushing to get what we paid for.
  2. My wife renewed her FOID on 8/03/21. It's now listed as Issued 8/17/21 (14 days). Waiting for the mail. Note that my wife's name is not common, so that might expedite the review process.
  3. Jackals and Cackles 2020: Thoughts so deep you feel violated.

  4. There were more important things (cronies) to spend the hijacked $30 million on than the cyber security and physical security of Constitutionalists.
  5. First, we're invaded by Mexican drug cartel members and other dangerous persons. Next comes the invasion by Mexican attorneys? How much will be tolerate?
  6. Where do the drug cartels produce the drugs that lead to constant bloodshed? Innocent Mexicans decided to join violent gangs after seeing a magazine ad? Maybe Hollywood movies and video games inspired a life of murderous behavior.
  7. Democrats' ultimate goal is to pander to high net worth donors. They will say anything and pass anything to grab dollars from the self-righteous elite.
  8. Was it the ACLU that funded and won the McDonald or Ezell cases? No. Or, is their sole purpose to throw rotten eggs at whitey? Asking for a friend.
  9. Common sense insurance? It would be sensible if people who voted Democrat carried insurance for riots, looting, arson, gang crimes, murders, abortions, unemployment, and reparations to mal-contents. You know, all the consequences of blue-city and blue-state policies. "Here's your D ballot and your premium coupon. Want to vote twice? Just include twice the insurance premium".
  10. 8/25/21 Update: Day 209 waiting for CCL renewal with prints on file. Submitted Jan 28, 2021. "Under Review"
  11. Yep. We drive up to Woodmans in Kenosha. The cheese aisle must be 50 yards long. The separate entrance for the beer/wine/spirits section is efficient.
  12. There are Amish communities near Decatur. We spent a day there in April observing a thriving community free of mask Nazi's. In defiance, the Amish girls wore their blue masks on top of their heads LOL.
  13. LOL. Now I'm a slob, too with coffee on my shirt. LOL
  14. Rewind: Pritzer demanded some action that would reduce the gun violence in Illinois (Chicago). These two bills do nothing to stop the lawless. What the public needs to hear NON-STOP is that feel-good gun control bills from Democrats NEVER move the needle. Hardened criminals will still be walking free.
  15. A husband and wife we know were new FOID applicants in April. Eight days to Approval plus 1.5 weeks for mailing.
  16. "Don't want to verify election integrity, then don't run for office".
  17. Democrats will never agree to represent ALL their constituents, or to consider other viewpoints.
  18. I wonder what words the IC filter will let me get away with.... Probably not the ones I'm contemplating. This is ILL-LIE-ANNOY. Anything that is promised to be "good" for gun owners will be DOA. You can't compromise with scoundrels.
  19. Chicago is electing the wrong people, who appoint the wrong people, who fail to convict the bad people. If only there were written rules and guidelines that were enforced - independently of which people were in charge.
  20. "No expectancy of survival" sounds like an element that could be added to someone's Social Score, when that becomes a thing.
  21. "Demanding" compliance with statist ideologies? No thanks.
  22. The Marxist Democrat Party has made it their mission to keep us divided on race and class. They benefit from keeping people disgruntled, uneducated, and violent. That makes the trillions of dollars blown on social programs a huge lie. Democrats only want to increase their base by all means necessary, not lift people out of victimhood.
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