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  1. That is my point. You wouldn't have to remove it just say you did and then register if found constitutional. Not that I would do such a thing.
  2. So, if you say you took it out of state with no documentation and return it to the state with no documentation. Is that also your understanding?
  3. I have not ventured there yet, but I have heard that the affidavit says you voluntarily register. Is that correct?
  4. Sorry but I have been missing from these conversations for sometime, so if this has already been covered I apologize. Isn't the underling reason for the pretext of registering "assault weapons" and accessories is to take all your guns? If you do register and mess up and then by error don't register something or some part that should have been registered then you would lose your FOID and thus lose all your guns. They say they aren't coming after everything you own, but aren't they really? One mistake and you end up disarmed. So registration or not, because of this ambiguous law, has as part if it that they have your guns one way or the other. if I register let's say an AR that I may have or not have and fail to register an aftermarket trigger in the same gun that is registered then am I out of compliance and then that gun could be confiscated because a part wasn't? Then lose my FOID and the right to everything I own?
  5. I didn't want post this on the message board, but the governor can backdoor remove the sheriff by removing their certification to be a police officer.

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    2. steveTA84


      Luckily that will not happen in my county (McHenry). Here’s the bio of our coroner BBC03968-63C7-41F7-A945-85287B750DE9.thumb.jpeg.06b1453188ae4f288ec7664c6526c8b4.jpeg

    3. davel501


      Why does what seems like a pm show publicly for everyone? 

    4. bmyers


      Reading through various parts of the law, it appears that for the Governor to do much of anything, he is going to have to get the courts involved. 


      My guess, before we get to that point, lawsuits will already have been filed and TRO/injunctions will have been issued making most of this a mute point till the final court ruling is issued. 

  6. My niece just purchased a Glock which was your first gun and she was approved in three days. She really really enjoys shooting. Then she purchased her second gun 4 weeks later, which was a Hellcat, and she was approved in three days. No delays for her. Every person appears to be different. Maybe she was just lucky.
  7. Is now a bad time to say I hate you? Bubbacs did they use your avatar on yours?
  8. My grandson is 11 and has a FOID. All you have to do is fill out the online application and when you put in the birthday you are presented with a guardian form to submit. As stated our FOID numbers go up. I also feel everyone in the family should have a FOID if one person has one regardless of whether you like the FOID requirement or not. It alleviates problems if the owner passes away and other things that you can't predict.
  9. My Grandson who is 11 years old filed for his and it took around 45 days. His Mother signed the guardian affidavit and had it notarized and sent it in. His Mother filled out the form online. How old is your son?
  10. This is another reason that spouses and children should have FOID cards only in one of them owns firearms in a family. Even though we shouldn't have to have a FOID the count of FOID holders should give pause to the anti crowd clowns.
  11. Christopher coin gun and pawn closing August 17 if not before in Pekin Illinois on court street. I talked to them today and they said because of dealer licensing.
  12. Use the portal. Get the guardian affidavit notarized and send to the ISP. My grandson was 11. When you put in the birthdate it goes to the affidavit part. Follow the instructions.
  13. G M Bartelmay Guns 911 W Jefferson St Morton IL 61550 Permanently Closed They have been there for a long time.
  14. My grandson's FOID in hand just over 30 days. Applied May 13th and Active June 12th.
  15. My grandsons mom has tried to get a FOID for him for months and gave up to try again. After trying again she still is caught in a loop. The call is answered with a message to have all the information needed they she waits and the message says all agents are busy and they hang up. What can she do?.
  16. Does his mom have a FOID? If not, a perfect time to get one.Also JCAR info on sponsoring a minorhttp://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/020/02001230sections.html Thanks again. You guys are great. I know she did I'll have to check if it's current.
  17. If anybody has applied did you have to send in the application or can they do it electronically?
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