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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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Remember when Jeno's used to make these smallish pizzas, about 8 to a box, in the mid-80s? I was in college when they stopped making them and I was SOOOO bummed. When I babysat for a cousin's family in high school (I'm almost 45), they always made sure to have those in the freezer for me.
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One of my Russian teachers was Ukrainian, she was born in Kiev, and one day in class she tried to tell us about this delicious fish that Ukrainians liked - she couldn't remember the name of it in English, but from what she was describing it sounded like a dogfish or a carp, and when she said it was related to a goldfish I said "Carp?" And she said yes ! That's it ! carp! carp are delicious!"


OMG... I can't eat carp, I don't care how they are prepared, carp is horrible.

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I don't eat carp but there are a lot of people who do. It takes a lot of work to get them to taste good I heard. I wouldn't know what to do with a carp other than use it to fertilize my garden.


On a separate note, now that we are gaining steam again, I know we can catch that Approved tread.

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