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  1. I checked in expiration date on my FOID today. It showed an expiration date of 9/01/2020, it was issued on 5/29/2019 the same date as my CCL which has an expiration date of 5/29/24. Shouldn't the FOID show an expiration date of 5/29/2029?
  2. My wife needs a replacement FOID card as she lost hers.  It may be that her FOiD  card is expired, she hasn't received a notice that the expiration  date is approaching.   I went to the ISP website but did not find anything. 

  3. Mauserme, I am using a laptop. Followed your instruction and view new new content is back , thanks for your help.
  4. I don't have an activity link or browse, store, donate, or support links either. The first page that comes up says enter forum. BTW I can see the IC icon to the left of ILLINOISCARRY it just barely is visible. I see a magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner, no search box.
  5. Mauserme, I don't see the IC logo. I don't see activity, my activity , view new content nor stream options. I see the words Illinois Carry.com in the upper left corner.
  6. For some reason I don't have new content to click on. It had been at the upper right hand corner of the page when I got on the forum, now it is gone
  7. I applied with prints because i wanted to get the LTC as possible . I had a Utah LTC and I had to supply prints for that so the were already out there.
  8. The font size has gotten smaller on the forum. Can this be changed?
  9. Maybe it is a lawsuit that the lawyers get paid if they win and they get paid out of the settlement.
  10. Why is the cost of replacing a lost CCL so much more than replacing a FOID? I guess it is probably because we are in Illinois and many of the politicians don't want us to carry and they figure that we will pay it.
  11. It got to my district and legislator even when I clicked on a district I knew wasn't mine and entered my address.
  12. The old order Amish don't have computers, but some have guns. Why discriminate against someone because they have a religious stand against computers? I live in the jungle and don't have a library card unless I pay $35 or $40 a year no free library card for me.
  13. 101abn, there isn't a calendar to scroll thru for the year. I don't know how to do a screen shot and crop out info. I'm not that computer literate. Maybe i can get someone to do it for me. Where are those teenage grand kids when you need them?
  14. Using a laptop It doesn't give me the option of scrolling to a birth year. It shows a box with the year 2021 and a calender for July or a box with the year 1900.
  15. I tried that and it does not work. Everything on the first page - returning Applicants and the sign in box works and my birthdate is correct. On the next page (User Registration) everything is filled except the birth date.
  16. Plot twist: the ISP software has misinterpreted the age limit of 21 to be 121 and now requires firearm owners to be at least 121. Does it want/accept your birth date in ISO format, YYYY-MM-DD ? Fortunately, I have a few years to go before I have to wrestle with the quirks of renewal. It won't take it in YYYY-MM-DD format or the year in MM-DD-YYYY format. It allows me to fill in MM-DD and no year.
  17. I went to the ISP website to renew my FOID card. It asks different questions about information that is on the card and most is already filled in. I get to date of birth and can only enter month and day and not year. A message pops up saying please enter a value equal to or greater than 1900-01-01. I keep trying to enter my birth year but it won't let me. BTW I am not over 121 years old!
  18. Incapable? Try unwilling because the entire premise is idiotic at best. Forcing people to go down an aisle they don’t need to in order to go down another aisle in the right direction. Cuz ya know....covid will only get you if you go into a bar after 10pm, stand less than 6’ apart (only front to back, side to side is safe) or go down an aisle the wrong direction. God help us that people actually believe in this sort of nonsense. I agree I hate those stupid arrows. I also hate being forced to go through one entrance at the opposite side of the store to get something that is close to the closed entrance because they close it mid evening.
  19. My final answer is NO I don't carry both. The FOID stays at home. I have normally carried the Utah LTC but have decided to leave that at home now too. A replacement card is only $10 though not $75 like Illinois. How come it costs so much more to replace an Illinois LTC than a FOID? I used to carry a Pa LTC as well and kept a copy at home which I was told was OK to use. Of course that was when they issued a paper LTC.
  20. I was watching a youtube video discussion of the incident by Anthony Brian Logan, a conservative black guy. He said that the man's AR15 was not loaded. Has anyone heard that? I guess that could be since they had a history of supporting gun control. Anyone else here watch Anthony Brian Logan on youtube?
  21. Why should you have to have the FOID on you to carry? Sounds like the instructor didn't know what he was talking about. Any instructor here agree with that instructor? I just carry my CCL. If my wallet was lost or stolen I could use my FOID when transporting to the range or to buy a gun or ammo while I waited for a replacement CCL, not sure how long that takes right now. I could also keep an unloaded handgun in my car in the console of the car with a loaded magazine and have it available.
  22. Only carry the CCL. Never needed to have the FOiD wiith me.
  23. I .would hope that this couple would abandon their support for gun control. Dianne Feinstein is all for gun control for others, (as I mentioned in my last post) but she wants to be able to protect herself so she has a LTC.. Well at least they weren't killed by the "peaceful protesters" and no protester got shot.
  24. Soin 1988 or 1989 the wife pulled a gun on a neighbor crossing their property. Were they gun control advocates then? Another example of liberal hypocrisy if they were. Did they have LTCs? Gun control advocate Dianne Feinstein has a California LTC! I did a little research and found out that 0.2 percent of Californians have a LTC. Its a perk you get if you are a cronie of a politician or judge but someone said that in 2001 the city of San Francisco where Feinstein lives issued 5 LTC. She's part of a very exclusive group it seems, lives in a 16.5 million dollar house.
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