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  1. The USPS is having an issue with just delivering the mail. They only deliver here 2-3 times a week, I have seen reports of different area that get mail far less often. I signed up for informed delivery, everyday I mark the form not delivered. This threat is not about mail delivery, my point is; Why in the world would you give a inept failing organization a job you claim is important? Proof Brandon is not aware of what is going on? Or doesn't care.
  2. I did not see this listed, so for discussion; Blair Holt AWB The Second Amendment Foundation today filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois challenging a prohibition in Cook County against the possession, acquisition, gifting, transfer or carrying of so-called “assault weapons.” https://www.saf.org/saf-challenges-assault-weapon-ban-in-cook-county-illinois/ https://www.saf.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Complaint.pdf
  3. I think the op is concerned he won't have a new valid FOID in hand. The expired FOID with receipt is valid to the police, but his company may not accept that. LGS usually won't accept a card that is expired. Store policy.
  4. I do not believe you can apply for the FOID renewal until CCL has been completely processed.
  5. I believe you need a valid card in hand to pick up a purchase.
  6. January 1, 2019 the law took effect, the state police have 60 days to process the application or renew of a FOID card.
  7. Start here, you need to make an account then proceed on to FOID application. https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Login.aspx
  8. To be fair, dart uses that for press. He sends the squad to homes of prisoners. Without warrant, claiming the FOID card was never turned in. I saw a news report where the "squad" went to a bangers mother house, she told them nothing to see , move along.........
  9. Lawn Dart is so very proud of all the objections he files. He is holding his breath and stomping his feet. http://www.cookcountysheriff.org/conceal_and_carry.html He wont say how many were over ruled. Look for your options, and wait. Prepare the worst and pray for the best. And remember even darter has to run for election.
  10. They can do anything. Usually you get a letter from ISP turn in your FOID. then local cops will try check if you have transferred any guns to a valid FOID. Only Dartistan sends a team to knock on the door.
  11. Has the board told you what/who objected? (Not asking you to air in public). Domestic issue can be a mood killer. Remember lawn darting is for anything he can find. If they tell you and it is dq item, then look for some one you trust to hold the guns.
  12. Maybe this thread should be restricted is some fashion?
  13. Maiden name, earlier marriage names, etc. Good for you, getting the wife to get a FOID, can be a challenge. Mine is 65% anti.
  14. Check out approved thread. Member there said status "under review". However he got his in mail today.
  15. Nope, only 300 were darted as of 2/11/14. The rest of the sate did the half. But dart is running about 2 to 1. 3% objections in crook. .08% for the rest of the state.
  16. State Senate, 40th District Representative 80th District
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