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  1. I thought it would be too good to be true. I wonder what is the penalty for carrying in a rest stop building if they don't have the CPZ sign?
  2. I have been avoiding Illinois rest areas for years and just using truck stops for rest breaks. The other day I needed to use a rest stop rest room and noticed there was not a no guns sign on the door where I came in. Are the building no longer no carry zones?
  3. I checked in expiration date on my FOID today. It showed an expiration date of 9/01/2020, it was issued on 5/29/2019 the same date as my CCL which has an expiration date of 5/29/24. Shouldn't the FOID show an expiration date of 5/29/2029?
  4. My wife needs a replacement FOID card as she lost hers.  It may be that her FOiD  card is expired, she hasn't received a notice that the expiration  date is approaching.   I went to the ISP website but did not find anything. 

  5. Maybe it is a lawsuit that the lawyers get paid if they win and they get paid out of the settlement.
  6. It got to my district and legislator even when I clicked on a district I knew wasn't mine and entered my address.
  7. I was watching a youtube video discussion of the incident by Anthony Brian Logan, a conservative black guy. He said that the man's AR15 was not loaded. Has anyone heard that? I guess that could be since they had a history of supporting gun control. Anyone else here watch Anthony Brian Logan on youtube?
  8. I .would hope that this couple would abandon their support for gun control. Dianne Feinstein is all for gun control for others, (as I mentioned in my last post) but she wants to be able to protect herself so she has a LTC.. Well at least they weren't killed by the "peaceful protesters" and no protester got shot.
  9. Soin 1988 or 1989 the wife pulled a gun on a neighbor crossing their property. Were they gun control advocates then? Another example of liberal hypocrisy if they were. Did they have LTCs? Gun control advocate Dianne Feinstein has a California LTC! I did a little research and found out that 0.2 percent of Californians have a LTC. Its a perk you get if you are a cronie of a politician or judge but someone said that in 2001 the city of San Francisco where Feinstein lives issued 5 LTC. She's part of a very exclusive group it seems, lives in a 16.5 million dollar house.
  10. Maybe MollyB can help you, or you could contact your state rep or state senator since you are getting no response.
  11. I went by a small gun shop in a business office in my area yesterday. Their sign with their gun shop name is down. I'm sure they are out of business. I'm sure that another one operated out of an auto shop that has done transfers for me is as well.
  12. It is still 30 days for new FOIDs, They have 60 days for renewals and FOID remains active during that time. So are some people actually getting their first FOID card in 30 days from when they applied?
  13. I wonder how many people have moved to the Chicago area in the past from another state with a firearm that they never use but just keep for an emergency. They never get a FOID card because in the past they had to register their gun every year. There was a yearly fee too, correct? I had a friend at my church who went to a gun class put on by a local police department. He had moved here from another state with his Glock handgun. He had no FOID, though I recommended he get one. The officer in charge of the training asked if I would bring his handgun to the class, which I did. He never did get his FOID but a couple of years later moved out ot state.
  14. Requiring someone to do the FOID application online seems to discriminate against those that don't have internet access. Not everyone has a gun shop that will do this for them. It is bad enough that Illinois makes you pay to exercise a constitutional right.
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