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  1. From my time on active duty I can say with authority it is both. Some are flat out liars. and met more than one person that had a lower IQ than a box of BA1100
  2. I have come across several lawyers that say Bruen requires strict scrutiny. And if you bring up the THT, and mention Bruen disallows interest balancing they will argue THT is the same as strict scrutiny.
  3. I can't wait for most of the mental gymnastics they try to use to justify almost all of their claims to back up their gun control claims. And the funny thing is they will about be limited to the same defense in almost all court cases against them. Because public safety, legislative deferment, and judicial discretion are no longer on the table.
  4. I can see some per curium decisions coming down the pike. Basically instead of GVR and telling the lower courts to try again, and then end up with the same result. They just issue a per curium saying you are wrong and here is the right decision.
  5. True, but that was pre-Bruen.. So for all practical purposed that case is now debunk.
  6. Maryland's HQL is already being challenged, so it they win, that case starts laying the groundwork for other states licenses.
  7. It was GVR'ed 20-1507 ASSN. OF NJ RIFLE, ET AL. V. BRUCK, ATT'Y GEN. OF NJ, ET AL. The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted. The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit for further consideration in light of New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn., Inc. v. Bruen, 597 U. S. ___ (2022).
  8. Hearing rumors that West Virginia is asking Maryland for reciprocity and if they don't respond they will be filing against Maryland which will go straight to SCOTUS
  9. The whole thing read like a 5 year denying getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I think their strategy was to ride on the coat tail of prior rulings in Wilson and Friedman, but both of those cases were used intermediate scrutiny which basically gets invalided by Bruen,
  10. I am seeing hints that text, history, tradition is strict scrutiny, so they are thinking that narrowly tailored to obtain a certain goal is on the table. But the ruling reads like if it wasn't regulated in 1791 then you can't regulate it now.
  11. I agree with you @Flynn, SCOTUS is going to either grant cert, or basically tell the lower courts that is you send us a 2A case were are going to GVR it back for reconsideration. They will need to stop denying those cases and actually fix them. If they done that to previous cases that got denied we wouldn't be in this mess now.
  12. Basically the varying levels of Scrutiny are not to be considered in 2A matters.. IE, ends mean scrutiny was rejected in the ruling. The SCOTUS claims they didn't use scrutiny in their ruling in Heller and the courts can't read because we said we didn't use scrutiny in Heller but you didn't listen so we had to spell it out for you.
  13. I have supposed lawyers that practiced at the supreme court saying that Text, History, Tradition is strict scrutiny. So they are saying that strict scrutiny is now the standard but can't seem to get past that the ruling rejects all forms of ends mean scrutiny. I guess the plum will be in the pudding when the lawsuits start and see how they word the briefs.
  14. @Flynn I would agree that all the previous caselaw is now useless. Might as well not even be citable because they were decided on improper standards of review.
  15. From my understanding of the ruling means end scrutiny has been throw out. It is not down to Text, History, Tradition and doesn't give any leeway for how a law is tailored, other than the government now has to prove that the conflicted law had some source of regulation per say, at the time of founding.
  16. From what I read could also effect some of the 23 prohibited locations as far as sensitive locations.
  17. If nothing else they are keeping the postal service employed. I got 5 ads this morning in the mail and 3 were from groups outside of IL. One for Miller, one against Miller, one against Bailey, and two for Davis.
  18. My carry ammo is Hornady Critical Duty in 45 ACP, so they would have a field day with those big 230 grain rounds.
  19. Got mine today also. Seems like we got these email a few years back when the lawsuit was first started.
  20. When my county got the 911 address back in 2017 I just called them and they just charged for the $5 foid address change, and not the CCL, but due to the special procedures, it temporality suspends your CCL until the director can sign off on the changes.
  21. The GOP did a number in Virginia last night. Took the governor, LT governor, AG, and flipped the Va House. First time a republican had won a statewide election since 2009.
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