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  1. renewed 08/06/19 we'll see when it comes. It says under review is my permit still active until expired?
  2. Hello All, I was helping my dad change his FOID address, we created his account, and went through the process of verifying his account. We changed the address to the one on his drivers license, and paid the $6. However instead of confirming that he is getting a new card, it now says "under review". Could it be an issue we used my credit card for the payment process? Is his current FOID invalid now!?
  3. i don't think that is a felony and a misdemeanor doesn't DQ you...
  4. Any more information on Rep. Grant Wehrli? A fax perchance? Does anyone have interest in setting up a dialer campaign? which everyone could sign on to and you would get connected to each representative/senator?
  5. All felonys and crimes that the person either served their time or never had any should be trusted with their constitutional rights. I don't think they can be taken away if you are out of jail as you either served your time and should be trusted 100% in society or you aren't safe enough to be out of jail yet. Also the 2a isn't given by the government, but is a natural right.
  6. Most Walmarts do still sell guns Bud none by me. Didn't they used to sell handguns?
  7. last time i went to a walmart there was like 12 bubbas waiting for the .22 shipment.
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