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  1. Got mine today also. Seems like we got these email a few years back when the lawsuit was first started.
  2. When my county got the 911 address back in 2017 I just called them and they just charged for the $5 foid address change, and not the CCL, but due to the special procedures, it temporality suspends your CCL until the director can sign off on the changes.
  3. The GOP did a number in Virginia last night. Took the governor, LT governor, AG, and flipped the Va House. First time a republican had won a statewide election since 2009.
  4. And Durbin is threatening to use politics to influence the Supreme Court. Talk about an oxymoron
  5. Normally get the error on the first link of the thread that I open on this forum almost every time. Sometimes will get the error on more than one occasion. Just have to keep hitting reload.
  6. If I am reading that correctly it will now allow bowhunters to carry their concealed firearm while bowhunting deer and turkey. Don't see anything else good about it other than the basic auto renewal of the FOID if you have a CCL.
  7. I think I saw a post the other day from somebody that has been waiting for their new card for over a year.
  8. Rule the FOID unconstitutional, and full refund of all FOID fees paid starting in 1968.
  9. The always say that when a law is ruled unconstitutional then it is like it never existed. So therefore the state should be required to pay back all the money collected all the way back to 1968.
  10. I still get mail addressed to my grandmother from the soil conservation service about her farm and she past away in 1967
  11. Vandalia leader union had an article about Fayette County passing it also a couple weeks ago.
  12. And this is one of those cases where the state will spend way more in legal gymnastics than what it would cost if they just everybody their dollar back.
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