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  1. Picked up my new 19 and did a field strip and I was surprised at the amount of dirt with a new gun. I know glock puts rounds through the guns for quality checks but you would think they would re-clean them prior to boxing.
  2. Eagle Sports in Oak Forest has a very big selection of guns in store. .the website does not show all. Ammo is behind the counter and priced on the higher side.. As for service very pushy when looking at guns and i was looking at 3 brands and wanted to see each on there own and i was told by the sales person i only can see two and i dont have time to waist with a newbie. I walked out and wont be back
  3. Is there any decent box stores to hit for a iwb holster for a glock19 gen 5 . Im looking for a leather or a hybrid holster. I'm in the south burbs TInley Park area. thanks
  4. I was just wondering why some folks are so against giving prints and others no biggie. I know i was printed back in my teens so they have them on file. I feel if prints are given that may be as equal as a defense as no prints in a bad situation ? Lets hear some pros and cons please . Thanks as always for all the help from the group
  5. Not sure if joining the I.S.R.A or 2nd amendment helped, and being put on the class action suit on the ISP, or when I sent in a letter asking for a hearing. But I'm thinking it had too .
  6. I have been waiting since Feb 23 ,2021 and the good news I got a call from the ISP and the website just flipped to approved . AUG 19,2021 now I just wait for the mail the next few weeks.
  7. still nothing heard back from email and snail mail. I have also joined the Illinois State Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation as of last night ,and a Lawyer contacted me from a law firm David Sigale , and stated he will see what is the hold up and include me in the class action law suit .
  8. thank you Molly.. The letter and email were sent 8/5/21 we will see what happens next
  9. Thank you for the replies. I have not purchased a firearm or ammo since no foid. When I called local gun shops for the ccl class I was told you must wait for your foid first
  10. My thoughts are since this new law Jabba signed kicks in 1/22 that the state will even be slower on kicking out foids and ccl. till then . lets hope not
  11. Hello all and thank you for allowing me to join your group. I applied for my FOID card Feb 23,2021 and still no update on the site. I have sent emails to my representatives and no replies. I also sent multi emails to are Governor and the only reply was the same as the Illinois State Police. Just a blanket email with the backlog of applications due to covid. Its been 160 no foid and I can't even go for my CCL till my foid arrives. This process will take 1.5-2 years at this pace. Who can I call or send emails too.?
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