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  1. I tried to buy a red dot and shipped to cook county and received a pop up statement about sorry we don't ship to Chicago or cook county
  2. ERNIE ARMS is no longer doing FFL but does sell firearms and ammo
  3. Hi, I'm in Orland Park, and I am interested in the ammo, if it is available.



  4. Im looking into purchasing a Ar 15 556/223 is it worth looking at a used unit and what should a newbie look for? Or am I better off going with a new smith m&p, ruger type as a newbie. Im looking to stay around that $700-$1000 price range.
  5. I also received mine Saturday the 19th. Showed printed since jan 31st The upper right shows CCL Mine also states in red card does not permit bearer to UNLAWFULLY carry or use firearms
  6. I truly don't remember if that question was answered in the class. I do know its a lot of info covered in 16 hrs.
  7. So my status went active. Does this allow my right to carry if I still have not received the card in the mail, and just keep the active status copy from the isp with me. Or am I illegal till the true card in hand?
  8. Updatd today from background check has been completed and sent to print
  9. applied for new ccl on nov 7 , status just changed from nothing to now in que for background check , this is with prints . fingers crossed it goes quick
  10. Thank you for the replies. I bought some meprolights from Eagle sports in Oak Forest and it was only 25 dollars to install since I bought the sights from them
  11. Looking for a gunsmith or hobbyist in the orland park/ tinley park area that could install new sights on my glock19. What is the going rate to have this service done? And do most do it as you wait , or drop and come back days later?
  12. Picked up a new xmas gift for myself a Canik tp9 elite sc and not sure if anyone has played with one yet. the trigger is awesome but i just cant handle the gun proper. i feel like i have the proper hold but its very flippy/recoil it comes with a 12 and 15 mag and of course the 12 round makes it even harder to hold . maybe i just need to get used to it but my glock19 and my mp9 2.0 compact i have no issues with just curious if anyone else feels the same
  13. i applied for my carry card today with prints lets see how long it takes my foid took 3/4 of a year
  14. Wanted to give props to William Armstrong and his business Alpha Training and Biometric Solutions. His class was 5 stars with his concealed carry and range qualification class.
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