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  1. I've ran into issues with them prior to the ban
  2. I sold the unit to a Indiana store. I already have a g19 with 15 rounds Thank You all for the replies
  3. im mainly looking to sell it since the 19x is the larger frame and takes more then 15 and i already have a 19 that holds 15 . i would take the cash and buy another carry gun. i just hate having a safe queen till this gets figured out.
  4. correct i have a glock 19 already and i just figured why keep the 19x if i have to only have a 10 rounder
  5. so ive got a glock 19x as we know you can get one with 17 mags or 10 rounders from the factory. Mine does have the high cap mags. ive called a few gun shops to see if they might be interested in a purchase they stated no thanks since its a high cap item. how does one go about selling it now .
  6. You can purchase do all paperwork then the selling dealer needs to ship it to a ffl. . The ffl will verify all paperwork and laws that apply. Once past the wait time you go pick it up and pay the ffl the fee for being the middle guy and helping you receive your goodies. Some shops will have a list of ffl's to work with or you can set yours up
  7. Is it me or we don't have any positive person to give a vote , That will protect are 2nd Amendment rights. I know Pritzker already said he is after are gun rights, and I have not heard Bailey give any positive views. What are your thoughts ?
  8. any metal in your body should never set off the detectors.. The metal used is surgical metal and wont set off the systems. kinda like piercings tongue , nipples, ears, wont set them off
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