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  1. ITAR does not apply to handloaders, only machine powered loading operations. ITAR also does not apply to persons that are only assembling parts. There are lots of other exceptions to it as well, which, thanks to regualtory reform from trump two years ago took the sting out of it for FFLs not commercially producing machineguns. I'm oversimplifying, but it basically does not apply the way it did two years ago, and does not apply to handloaders. Also, I'm not saying that a person can buy silencers in IL for any willy nilly reason. I'm saying (1) a good chunk of handloaders technically need an 06 FFL, (2) an 06 FFL allows the holders, under Illinois law, to possess suppressors for business purposes, like what Winchester does, for testing ammo. I can think of other legitimate business purposes for an 06 to have a suppressor. If you don't want to test your handloaded ammo for its suppressor friendly capabilities, then don't. If others want to, let them. heck, until 3 years ago, in Arkansas it was legal to "possess" but not use a supressor, and 10000 people bought the things. Now they are completely legal. Do what you want.
  2. here is the simple truth on suppressors. Like ALL NFA items, its illegal for ATF to actually approve a Form 1/4 if its illegal for the registrant to actually possess the firearm. So, ipso facto, if ATF will actually approve the form, thats pretty good evidence that its legal to possess the item, even under state or local law. That being said, it is legal, in Illinois, under Illinois law, to possess a suppressor, by a Type 06 FFL, for purposes of testing. A Type 06 FFL is a license to "manufacture" ammunition. That is the reason that Olin/Winchester can have suppressors, and they do, I've seen them. If you want to get into the realm of technicality, if you reload ammo ONLY for yourself, no license is required. If you reload, at all, for someone else, like Uncle Bob, your buddy at the club, or the like, you technically need a Type 06 FFL, as (you may) owe federal excise tax (easily legally avoided) and you are actually technically manufacturing. This is also true if you cast lead bullets for your next door neighbor, or load blanks for the local VFW. Thus, in order to reload ammo for Uncle Bob (not yourself), and be legal, you need to spend $30, for a 3 year Type 06 FFL. This just so happens to be the same cost as a Type 03 C&R FFL, needed for SBRs. Now, once your legal with your reloading operation, assuming you reload for other people, under IL law, you can have a supressor, you just need to just through the standard NFA hoops. If your Type 06 FFL expires, you need to either get rid of the suppressor, or move it out of state, until you get another 06FFL. Is this worth your time and effort? That depends on you. Rilo and Mauserme, while well intentioned, are stopping their legal research at the halfway mark, and with respect to them, they are only 1/3 right, which means they are 2/3 wrong. Per public ATF records, there are about 1,000 registered silencers in Illinois. I would wager that over 800 of them are owned by non-governmental entities. Now, what is all of this back and forth worth to you? Exactly what you paid for it. If you have concerns, speak with a knowledgeable lawyer or appropriate dealer, in person, not on a web board. Generalizations on a web broad are just that, generalizations. While an approved Form 4 is a pretty good indicator that its legal, its also not a legal defense in IL, unlike, say, Missouri. While this exception may generally apply in IL, you may have a local prohibition, or not be able to get a Type 06 due to zoning.
  3. Then don't buy them. Other people who want to, and can, should. All NFA rules apply of course
  4. I am in Wood River, Madison County, Illinois. I'm in the processing of finalizing an explanation of IL law and what can get approved in IL, to post on my website, but bottom line, if you do what I tell you do do, I can most AOWs, many DDs, most SBRs, some SBS approved to just about anyone, and actually have. I can get suppressors approved to some people, if they are willing to do what is necessary to be legal, which, frankly is not a lot. The problem is, everyone has been told for so long that all NFA is illegal in IL, that they actually believe it. If there is something specific you want, PM me, and I can (1) tell you if its possbile and if so how, (2) if I can provide it, and if not who can, if I know, and (3) likely cost, either from me, or someone else.
  5. last time I checked, and maybe they fixed this now, you could not submit prints via e-file. So how does an individual, or for that matter, any non-FFL ./ non govt entity do an e-form 1/4
  6. No form 1, or any other NFA form, other than EF Form 3 (dealer to dealer) takes 15 to 18 days, and anyone that tells you otherwise has no NFA firearms. Not even a form 2, which does not require approval, is that fast. That being said, most of the SBRs I make and sell are AR15 type. For myself, I;ve done a lot, both before and since becoming a C2SOT
  7. for those interested, most recent Form 4 NFA transfer time for a SBR from dealer to individual 130 days, from mailing out to received back. Is it an improvement or a fluke? I don't know.
  8. I just know that I deposed Jessica Trame (former head of ISP FSB) a couple of times, and in one of the depos, she testified that they were short staffed, including not having a hearing officer since 2016, and that they would like to have one, they are budgeted for one, but cant get approval to actually fill the post, and that what she does is sometimes just make the decision herself, if its obvious, and occasionally, they borrow one from another agency, but she could not remember the last time they actually borrowed one. If sending a letter demanding a hearing works for some people, I am all for it. Even if it doesn't, I'm all for it, as it makes the lawsuit that much better. The idea here is (1) get people their licenses, and (2) maybe make the process such a pain in the rear for the state that maybe, just maybe, we might get rid of it someday.
  9. I agree with the foregoing. That being said, as there has been no hearing officer since 2016, you will likely still hear nothing. thus, I would suggest after doing the above, wait 30 to 60 days (i.e. into the new year), and then have a lawyer file an action in circuit court, based on "constructive denial" In my experience suing them for untimely FOID and ccW, they might just issue you the card to make the lawsuit go away, and if not, it will likely still be faster than waiting on the ISP to act
  10. I do hope, in all sincerity, that everyone realizes that there is NO SUCH THING as a firearm sanctuary county. The ATF does not care, and will arrest you. The ISP does not care, and will arrest you. the States Attorney, who is an elected employee of the state, may or may not care, but then the ATF still doesn't.
  11. Had a client get her CCW today. Amazingly, it was issued literally the same day that the state got served with the summons
  12. I don't believe that anyone has waited 23 YEARS and not done something by now, I just don;t
  13. well, thats niot right either. A Missouri (or Kentucky, or Indiana) FFL can sell an IL resident a non-NFA rifle or shotgun, as long as they have a FOID card, and go through the three day wait. Pistols and NFA items must be transfered through an IL based FFL. Ammo, no worries. You will learn that a LOT of FFLs simply have no idea what they are talking about, and if they simply dont want to or dont know how to do something, will tell you its illegal, when its not. If everything that some FFL told me was illegal was really illegal, I'd own one single shot shotgun in .410,and nothing else. Slight exageration, but not by much.
  14. not legally you have not. A licensed FFL, which is the only person an IL resident can buy a rifle or shotgun in Missouri from, is required, when selling to an IL resident, to comply with IL law, which includes a 3 day wait and a FOID card. The fact that some FFLs in Missouri do not comply with the law does not make it legal. The problem is, that the gun itself, being illegally sold, can technically be forfeited, if the feds get a bur up their rear. Is it likely? No. Is it possible, if, for instance, the feds want to lien on you because an old boss was a coke head and a pervert, and think you might know something, yes.
  15. the law does not require you to carry both, and in point of fact, it is pointless to do so. They have the same number on them, the cops can look you up instantly, and in fact, when they pull you over and run your name they see instantly that you have what you have. Aside from all that, the statute itself says you don't have to carry both. And aside from all that, other than when buying things, I have NEVER been asked for a FOID/CCW, likely because of what I put in sentence #2. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have to much junk in my wallet as is, to want to carry more
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