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  1. HP Shooting Center in McHenry. See it in the posted app.
  2. The Jamison's restaurant in Crystal Lake was not posted when I was there last week.
  3. In my case, it was an email received this morning. I had emailed them my info yesterday.
  4. 5-3 Bank is posted and won't listen to reason. I'll be moving 2 business accounts and my personal one. Problem is, even though there are a couple of banks in Crystal Lake that haven't posted, I'm concerned that they may after I move the accounts. Does anyone know what banks have a corporate policy to NOT post?
  5. I was there a couple of weeks ago and saw no signs.
  6. Instructor - Prints, of course Applied and paid 12/18 App #1xx Approved- Never! Was under review from day one, went directly to Active 3/10 FCCL arrived 3/13 Stamped 3/10, mailed 3/11 McHenry Co.
  7. Texas Roadhouse in Crystal Lake appears to be free of those nasty signs. Hope it stays that way.
  8. Same here. And no one seems to know what is going on. A couple of other threads on this issue show a group of instructors seeming lost in the shuffle.
  9. I'm just a bit north of there but I haven't had a chance to go look to see if they had posted. Glad they didn't.
  10. On the location details page (when you click on the location from either the map or the list) there is a "Remove from List" button. If the Sams Club has taken down their sign, please click that button and note "sign down" or similar. It'll be off the list w/in 2 days. From my understanding, all the WalMarts and Sams Clubs in the area are taking down their signs, but we need users to actually validate that they're down. Done
  11. The app shows Sam's Club in Crystal Lake posted. I was there this afternoon and looked around. Saw no signs on either front door.
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