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  1. Perhaps Chicago can remodel Solider field into Thunderdome for mutual combatants so the bystanders (aka not combatants) don't get perforated? Charge an entrance fee? After all the city needs the revenue.
  2. Big log jam which it all seemed to start when the ISP did a update on the FTIP system. Its very slowly catching up and no central rhythm/timing as to when you win the lottery and you ISP check finally goes thru. Shoot point blank and Mega sports have both had issues that I personally heard thru employees of both.
  3. Already being discussed here. Was waiting from the 15th and received clearance this sunday the 8th Its been all messed up for a lot of people. https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/78240-ftip-delay/page/2/
  4. Update date of purchase 7/15 received approval call the morning of 8/8 26 days in total for a pistol.
  5. Still in Hold limbo here. Paid and filled out 4473 July 15th. Stopped at shop Friday for an in person visitation and inquired about it. Still pending.
  6. Called SPB today. I'm still in the "Overdue" file.
  7. Guess I ain’t getting my p210 any time soon then MGW has p210 magizines in stock and 15% off this weekend use code MAG15 https://www.midwestgunworks.com/sig-sauer-P210/parts.html
  8. I appreciate you taking lead on this and taking one for the team. Hopefully SPB will be calling me soon.
  9. I'm on my 7th day of purchasing a pistol and haven't yet heard from the shop. Warned me last week delay was 4-5 days.
  10. Does this include Gangs and Criminals also?
  11. My favorite picture from the SAFR rallys. Rest in peace Otis. He was always a gentleman.
  12. Wonder what the underlying intent of this local legislation was. Todd has taught us much in the past on this. To help out Ccl holders when a mistake was made or to hand a revenue generator for the village? For example Does their statue / law also follow the states stipulations on the places being posted with State law compliant signage requirements? Size, type of markings, and statue being on the posted places signage or is Orland potentially going rogue and allowing generic signage to generate more situations that would become finable?
  13. I propose all capitol protection in DC be armed with single shot flintlocks
  14. Had friends that moved out of Illinois to Wisconsin at the start of the year tell me that they applied for their Wisconsin CCL and were both approved in less than 5 days. Whats worse Fee is $40 for 5 years and renewal after that is $22 for every 5 years. One of them received their card in 7 days. This state is absolutely ridiculous.
  15. Im sure its already written and sitting in a file waiting for the next mass incident, to then be introduced. Remember Rham's imortal words " Never allow a crisis to go to waste".
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