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  1. Years back I had a broken firing pin for a High Standard .22 pistol that the factory insisted was a FFL only order item. For giggles because there was that proposal for imprinted firing pins to be introduced into law, I made a firing pin from rod stock available at Menard's using hand tools mainly files and a drill press. Heat treated it afterwords. The experiment worked successfully Home made firing pin worked fine. As another poster here brings up, prove they fired the weapon. Whats to stop a clever criminal from salting their crime scene with brass casings picked up from the floor at a gun range and strewn later at area of the shooting incident? Might bring up a sudden interest in revolver ownership again also.
  2. Sexual Assault - If You Are Confronted....pdfSexual Assault - If You Are Confronted....pdf 5/17/08
  3. Checked the "Posted" app when I heard this was going down. The app mentions theres a lot of non compliant signs posted around the mall property.
  4. If this keeps up, what excuse will they use for not being able to do finger prints if they ever allow the system to do CCL's in the future?
  5. You could also try a backing of moleskin on the holster. I haven't tried it myself , but know its out there for potential use. https://www.comp-tac.com/moleskin
  6. Why is it reports on firearms use often includes Had FOID, Has CCL, but rarely ever publish's Did Not Have an FOID?
  7. I thought I saw they did not do the traditional magazine safety as on traditional hi powers.
  8. Perhaps Chicago can remodel Solider field into Thunderdome for mutual combatants so the bystanders (aka not combatants) don't get perforated? Charge an entrance fee? After all the city needs the revenue.
  9. Big log jam which it all seemed to start when the ISP did a update on the FTIP system. Its very slowly catching up and no central rhythm/timing as to when you win the lottery and you ISP check finally goes thru. Shoot point blank and Mega sports have both had issues that I personally heard thru employees of both.
  10. Already being discussed here. Was waiting from the 15th and received clearance this sunday the 8th Its been all messed up for a lot of people. https://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?/topic/78240-ftip-delay/page/2/
  11. Update date of purchase 7/15 received approval call the morning of 8/8 26 days in total for a pistol.
  12. Still in Hold limbo here. Paid and filled out 4473 July 15th. Stopped at shop Friday for an in person visitation and inquired about it. Still pending.
  13. Called SPB today. I'm still in the "Overdue" file.
  14. Guess I ain’t getting my p210 any time soon then MGW has p210 magizines in stock and 15% off this weekend use code MAG15 https://www.midwestgunworks.com/sig-sauer-P210/parts.html
  15. I appreciate you taking lead on this and taking one for the team. Hopefully SPB will be calling me soon.
  16. I'm on my 7th day of purchasing a pistol and haven't yet heard from the shop. Warned me last week delay was 4-5 days.
  17. Does this include Gangs and Criminals also?
  18. My favorite picture from the SAFR rallys. Rest in peace Otis. He was always a gentleman.
  19. Submitted 1/5 Approved: 3/4 Arrived: 3/8 No prints submitted Cook County
  20. I haven't followed this thread in a month or so, but noticed a member here's first carry experience thru walmart thread. My card is in the mail and will be here shortly. Is it a new rule here that my first Illinois carry experience must be in a walmart?
  21. Well a day has passed since some members have gotten their CCL cards and to the dismay of the brady bunch and some other orginizations the Wild West has NOT erupted. Congratulations
  22. Small note; I just realized that when I went and compleated the application process this morning at 2 am (an application without submitting e-prints) That I used Safari and had no issues getting in. Previously in establishing my ID and the 2nd time bumping my application process up to the 90 % point I was using firefox. Final submission went thru using safari. so the ISP may have done some changes. It just might be worth trying if you have had issues. Thru the whole process it was the toughest to get an ID established. Java, which browser, and that stuff. Once that was done the actual CCW application was pretty slick even it its early state of beta. Watch out for some 5 second delays in a few bits of the application where Java verifies itself. There were a couple parts where there was a bit of a delay. Don't get too rapid fire on the enter or left click mouse button.
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