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  1. I didn't want post this on the message board, but the governor can backdoor remove the sheriff by removing their certification to be a police officer.

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    2. steveTA84


      Luckily that will not happen in my county (McHenry). Here’s the bio of our coroner BBC03968-63C7-41F7-A945-85287B750DE9.thumb.jpeg.06b1453188ae4f288ec7664c6526c8b4.jpeg

    3. davel501


      Why does what seems like a pm show publicly for everyone? 

    4. bmyers


      Reading through various parts of the law, it appears that for the Governor to do much of anything, he is going to have to get the courts involved. 


      My guess, before we get to that point, lawsuits will already have been filed and TRO/injunctions will have been issued making most of this a mute point till the final court ruling is issued. 

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