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  1. Im hopeful that someone can help (maybe Molly)... my father in law has a felony marijuana conviction from the 1970s in MO. He was pardoned by the governor a few years ago. He became an IL a little over a year ago and has been denied a FOID card. His state representative has been unresponsive and hes getting desperate. He was able to purchase firearms when he lived out of state and can pass a NICS check. Ive seen people get help here before and told him that Id reach out. Is there anything that can be done?
  2. I built an SC a few months ago. I agree with the post above about using OEM lower parts. I have the Brownells slide and upper parts from Shadow Systems. My barrel is a Lone Wolf. The build is going to reflect the time you put into it. Mine has several hours of work invested. My biggest challenge was fitting the front locking block. The P80 quality control flat out sucks. I spent several hours sanding that thing to get my slide to sit level l.
  3. Mine was ready on day 13 War poet? Gotta be from Sportsmans guide! Yup. It’s not the prettiest gun in the world but it’s a masterpiece at the range. I will always be the limitation on this gun’s accuracy.
  4. I’m currently on day 13 for a new one. It was back ordered for two months, but this wait feels longer.
  5. On some counts, but it’s written well enough that the 2A is unavoidable on some. My biggest concern is a challenge to Rodgers’ standing. IMO they may be able to challenge the not getting a FOID, by simply issuing it before court and the entire "I might get arrrested claim" but I don't see how they could dismiss their standing on anything else as it all revolves around deprivation of their rights. What Illinois courts will likely do it apply the horribly low standard to allow infringments of the 2nd, something that is ripe for appeal all the way up to the top. Standing is hard for a claim when the injury is anticipated. A good example is the melting point challenge. He wants to buy a zinc gun at some point in the future but won’t be able to. The court is going to look at this differently than they would if he already ordered a zinc gun, but his FFL couldn’t transfer it; then there’s an actual injury.
  6. On some counts, but it’s written well enough that the 2A is unavoidable on some. My biggest concern is a challenge to Rodgers’ standing.
  7. This one was filed in the SDIL last week. Hes basically going after everything with counts challenging FOID processing, fees for FOID/CCL, melting point, and transfers taking longer than 72 hours. https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.ilsd.86072/gov.uscourts.ilsd.86072.1.0.pdf
  8. Illinois allows open carry when out in the fields and woods IF you have a valid hunting license and it isn't Deer season , unless it is a caliber accepted for deer hunting and it is pistol season. Is there still the exception for fishing?
  9. I’m kinda disappointed. I had heard that the gender box would be free text. I’m expecting a gun to ship on Monday and was planning on identifying as M203.
  10. I’d have most of my stuff at a family members house on the other side of the Mississippi before the governor’s ink was dry. Then I’d call a realtor can get out of here.
  11. Do we have anyone with access to PACER that can check the status? My understanding is that the rules of civil procedure gives the ISP 21 days to respond. Have they or has an extension been filed?
  12. https://www.saf.org/fed-judge-permanently-enjoins-riverside-countys-ccw-application-denials/ It was California
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