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  1. In Todd we trust. Crook county has been collecting these taxes illegally, told not to, so they changed where they deposit them, and started collecting them again. They should have to return all the taxes collected and then some. In the meantime, this is dragged through the courts for years while the crooks keep counting their money.
  2. Hi, ATF. Yeah, I'd like to report someone purposely selling weapons to illegal straw buyers. They said they are hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them. <hang up> Hello? AFT? You there?
  3. So the dog is probably trained to sniff on gun powder. And what happens if the dog alerts on me when not carrying because I have powder residue on my clothes and I refuse a search?
  4. Okay, I'll list her maiden name. Thanks for the quick reply, I'm trying to get this done tonight. It's something I never thought of until I went through my CCW class and it was mentioned to have a backup FOID household member. She is worried about losing her teaching license. I said this will only serve to protect her. (And if something happens to me...my wife is going to become the owner of some nice firearms!)
  5. Working with my wife to get her a FOID for her safety, in case she ever happens to be riding alone with my pistol or ammo. (Married to an anti...but working on it!) Under "List Any Previous Names" section, are we supposed to put her maiden name? Never had this issue as a guy. Thanks.
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