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  1. How long did the appeal take and what was it for if you dont mind me asking
  2. Thank you for your input cordell34 unfortunately i did send in the court disposition and all the necessary documents as soon as I filed the appeal but still no answer
  3. This state is so messed up that a law bidding citizen who was found not guilty has to wait more then a year for a foid appeal and still no answer and it sucks every time i send an inquiry or call all i get is its under reviy ******* sucks how there is no time frame on this and all the bull**** about they are working to change it im so sick of this state and all these liberal **** tards who are dragging a** to review a case i dont understand how hard it is to look at a case and make a decision smh
  4. Molly thank you for always looking out yes you have sent an inquiry for me before I appealed August 19th 2017 and still have not herd anything everytime i call all they say is its still under review and there is no time frame on it just wait smfh
  5. Has anyone appealed a revoked foid and actually won??? Its been over 200 days and still no response this state is bull****....everytime i call isp all i get is its under review there is no time frame, just wait....sick of waiting this **** is taking too long and on top of that i drive a tow truck on a daily basis and i am not always in the safest neighborhoods....curious to hear if anyone wonnand how long it took
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