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  1. I've also contacted Lucky Gunner to discuss their current conditions for shipping ammunition to Chicago. https://www.luckygunner.com/ammo-regulations-for-shipping-to-chicago I sent them this email: Below is their reply:
  2. You are probably one of the lucky ones. I've contacted Ammunition Fairy. Unfortunately, they do not ship to addresses with the City of Chicago zip code of 606##. They follow the Lucky Gunner terms and condition for shipping ammunition to Chicago. https://www.luckygunner.com/ammo-regulations-for-shipping-to-chicago
  3. https://bossshotshells.com/faq/ Illinois- Has to have a Firearm Owner's Identification (FOID) + Driver’s License. Customer needs to take a photo of the FOID and Drivers license emailed to info@bossshotshells.com and the address needs to match on the DL, FOID and ship to. Looks good . . . added.
  4. I contacted Patriots Ammo & Arms. They clarified their shipping policy. They will ship to Chicago (zip code 606##) only when the item shows "Available In-Store". If it shows "Available Online" only, then it ships from their partner vendors, which they may have restricted shipping policies.
  5. Thank You HelloAll. Updated to Lost Causes: Surplusammo and 2ammo I kept Optics Planet where it is, but I did put a note and linked it to your post.
  6. Thank you HelloAll! I also tried to purchase this online, and a popup came up just like you posted. Thank you for the update.
  7. Thank you HelloAll!! I called Steel City Ammunition again to clarify their contradicting information on their website and the email above. Their representative did not give a definitive answer if they will or will not ship to a Chicago address. They seem receptive, and I will revisit to verify policy changes. Thanks again!
  8. Confirmed with phone call and verified it was not a typo. Steel City Ammunition does not ship to Chicago addresses.
  9. Thank you HelloAll and gunuser17. I sent them an email for confirmation, since their policy states they will not ship to Chicago https://www.steelcityammoco.com/terms-conditions/
  10. Updated. Thank You! They have a section in their compliance policy specifically for City of Chicago https://www.opticsplanet.com/domestic-compliance-policy.html
  11. Thank you DocHoliday. Tactical Defense Solutions moved to Lost Causes https://www.tds-us.com/terms-conditions/ Their Terms and Conditions specifically state "Ammunition sales to the city of Chicago or Cook County must be shipped to an FFL. No exceptions."
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