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  1. No grandfather clause? Ex post facto law and violation of the 5th Amendment.
  2. FWIW, being an IL resident is a good thing for military. NO state income tax on military pay. I am retired AF and my son is active duty Army now, and he maintains IL residency for that reason and the fact that he can keep his IL CCL- which is recognized in more states than most.
  3. I don't have an issue with $20/$25. It's the $40/$50 that I am not thrilled with. I am not to thrilled with the 2 to 3 grand a year to keep my FFL ether. You will damn lucky if the fee is less than 50 bucks. Where are you located? I need a new FFL. My guy wouldn’t put up with the state BS.
  4. So naturally, the thing to do in that situation is penalize everyone.It is far less intrusive to punish actual criminals than to create them through regulations.If what the legislators really wanted was just to grant the ISP (a state agency) the authority to audit an FFL's transfer records (instead of requiring assistance from the ATF, a federal agency) if it suspected criminal activity, they could have written the licensing law that way, but they didn't.It has nothing to do with crime prevention. They dont want civilians to have guns. This was a way to make it harder for us to get them and an incremental step in their ultimate quest to ban and confiscate guns. FFL licensing wasnt the goal, it was a single action item on a long list for them.
  5. It's EXACTLY who they were trying to target. They know criminals don't buy guns through an FFL, so the law was never intended to stop any crime. They're purposely making it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns. End around gun control. It's an incremental step.
  6. This only shows the antis how they’re winning. Let them figure it out themselves.
  7. Here's how stupid it gets. I am a new resident of Tennessee. Sent my FOID and CCL into the ISP office. Sayonara. But if I come to ILLannoy, and go to a store to buy ammo, I can, and don't need (or have) a FOID. So I have more of a right to buy ammo in IL than an Illinois resident, who needs a FOID. Now THAT'S stupid! Good luck finding a store that will sell ammo to an out of state resident. They’re too scared.
  8. Dealing with the state of IL has to be torture for someone with OCD.
  9. Even better. I was once mailed a bill for 26 cents. Yes, they spent 40 cents on a stamp to bill me for 26 cents. Not to mention the printing, paper, envelope and administrative time they wasted. I taped a quarter and a penny to the invoice and wrote "you have got to be kidding me" on it and mailed it back.
  10. Simple answer is that is not the law- only FOID required. Better answer- shop somewhere else that knows the laws and actually has someone at the counter who knows the laws. Also, I would guess there is someone at Scott that has an FFL and has a very low or no transfer fee for military. I still get guns from someone that I flew with, but he is in NE Illinois.
  11. Glad to hear this was resolved quickly and Molly led the way. Illinois is a state....of confusion. Sad that they can "infringe" on your civil rights with the FOID card in the first place (imagine if they required a voter ID?) AND then they revoke your right without any type of hearing. Sad sad sad. I wish we were part of the USA.
  12. On principle, I dislike their stand. In reality, I have to ask who would buy a gun from Walmart? Effects me in 0 ways, even if they didn't sell them in IL.
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