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  1. Sorry... I misread your post early this morning! While I plan to never move... weight is entirely a different matter.
  2. You might want to look at the comments of lockman in a different thread for guidance. This is a link to his most recent post. I think your three cards (DL, FOID, CCL) all need to have exactly the same address. I can't point you to an answer. Perhaps someone here can... Addresses are the same, it's just the weight. I gained 10 lbs lol. I told the DMV about my new weight and now it's different than my current FOID and CCL. But I just renewed FOID with the old weight (didn't submit payment yet, though) and nobody is answering at customer service line of course. Was wondering if keeping the old weight the same is ok or not. I've heard they are sticklers for this sort of stuff.
  3. Sorry, one quick question guys. About the weight on the FOID renewal. Does it matter? I stupidly changed it on my drivers license the last time i renewed. On the FOID application, I just went with whatever popped up from when I first registered 10 years ago (this is my first renewal). Hit continue until I got to the payment part and then it clicked in my brain that maybe I should've went with what I have on my DL. I went back to fix it and the system wont allow me to edit the application...I'd hate to get denied for something so silly and it expires in less than a month. And what you've guys mentioned in this thread, my CCL will be revoked apparently.
  4. Shoot!!!! I will do it right now! Got busy with the darned holidays! Thanks folks
  5. Hey guys, do we have to renew an expiring FOID card if we already have a valid CCL which doesn't expire for years?
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