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  1. This is the wildest thread ever. all you see is that 185 on the side .. question is who still doesn't carry inside walmart or jewel with a similar "for employees only" sign after all this time?
  2. No. It's impossible to get you foid or ccl revoked for speeding. Court supervisor does not affect your rights. I had my licence revoked for 7 years. No issues with foid or ccl. The only way I see them getting affected is if you get a dui or seriously injure or kill someone on purpose with a motor vehicle.
  3. I've been waiting to post this since september. Applied with prints 9/14/14 Under board review 10/17/14 Back under review 12/31/14 (new years present) Active 01/05/15 In my mailbox 01/08/15 Thank you all for this who made it possible! Thank you guys for all the information on here and thank you guys for the support. Didn't even know what this "under board review" was until I came on to this website. From the information here I kept my cool, stayed calm, compared information with other members and waited it out. I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately today is crappy and my son is sick so I'm staying home but I'm sooo happy to have it in my wallet. Long story short. Keep up the great job guys, this forum is nothing short of amazing. Those reading that still don't have it keep calm. Your day will come.
  4. 91k still feels low. I was application # 100xxx and that was 4 months ago. I figured it would be in the 120xxx. Are that many people getting denied?
  5. I filled out my app at some weird gun store that I conveniently stopped at. My buddy filled his out at gats a month later. Got ours on the same day. If it's a mom and pop gun store they probably mailed it in.
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