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Non-Resident CCL, 6 states….

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I am an Illinois Certified Instructor, residing in a Texas.


Currently, Illinois will allow and issue a Non-Resident permit if you have a valid permit fro. One of 5 States. Texas, Arkansas, Idaho, Nevada, Mississippi, & Virginia.


Only Texas, Virginia and Idaho issue Non-Resident LTC/CCL’s with out exceptions.


I have read Illinois law, and I have not found anywhere where it specifically states that one must be a resident of one of those states.


So my question is this. Can a resident of another state, that isn’t a resident of one of those 5 states listed above HAS a Non-Resident permit from one or more of those 5 states, can they get a Illinois permit?


The law says substantially similar. If a person obtains one or more of those 5 states permits, then for all practical purposes they have met all the same basic requirements except resident status.


Did I miss something that the law specifically states one must be an actual resident of one of those 5 states?




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I read that only residents of said states can apply/get a Illinois CCL. And...getting a non resident would indicate the person is NOT a resident of said state. In the off chance I’m wrong, sorry it’s how I read and my opinion.


Attempting to word Smith the system in Illinois may be more trouble and expense than it ever would be worth.

Save yourself some time and headaches. E-Mail the ISP with an exact example of the person you want to train and cert for Illinois.

Since they will be the one either allowing or denying the cert. Good Luck.

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