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  1. last time I visited my daughter in Morton Grove, I was surprised that I could carry every where I wanted to go, including restaurants. course had no need for public transportation, parks, or schools.
  2. I never opted in for this, and yet I received an email and a text reminding me that my non-resident CCL would expire in June. I have logged into my ISP account in years.
  3. You ought to give it a shot. And welcome to Texas. Where are you headed?
  4. If you have no DL then no FOID right?And if no FOID then you wont need a pic that fits the bill! No FOID no CCL you apparently didn't notice that I'm a non-resident with an IL CCL.
  5. unless you don't have a FOID or IL DL. Then you have to take one that fits the bill.
  6. Adding ex-spouses. Yeah, that'll work. Having witnessed the vindictive legal BS my brother's Ex continued to throw at him, you don't want to get near that possobility.
  7. We had a similar situation in the county next to mine. A woman student who was not in on the scam complained to DPS that she thought her training was inadequate. Hundreds of licenses were revoked and the instructor paid hefty fines and lost his licenses but I don't think he did jail time. We all need to be vigilant to root out these miscreants to protect our rights and our community from unwanted scrutiny.
  8. I have one. Last I heard here in Texas, it was less than 20. I also heard one of the two instructors in the state moved away, and the other isn't teaching (not sure just rumor). When you consider the expense and the hassle to get an IL CCL, you really need a good reason to get one. It's not any good anywhere else. I got mine because I had relatives that I visited quite often. They have since moved out of IL, so I won't be renewing.
  9. I believe this is current Federal law. But licensed carry is exempt. IOW, you can walk/drive through a school zone carrying, if you are licensed. Also, isn't a sidewalk public right-of-way and therefore not part of the school property? That is the interpretation we have in Texas.
  10. Effingham, my favorite place to stop for the night.
  11. Since you are no longer an IL resident, you cannot keep your IL CCL or FOID. And since NH is not considered "substantially similar", you cannot get a IL non-resident CCL. It has nothing to do with your passing the IL training requirements. It has to do with mental health reporting, and other reporting that your new state may or may not do. Once you are out of IL, the state can no longer monitor you, unless your state reports the same as IL.
  12. Absolutely unsupported. At the Texas capitol, I can carry into the building and avoid the metal detector line by showing my carry license to a DPS trooper, and sit in the gallery and watch the legislature in action. And of course, many of the Reps are carrying as well. We've never had any problems.
  13. I hope WLP resigns. I support my state association.
  14. Sounds like you guys already have "red flag" laws, and this is a perfect example of how they can be abused with no due process.
  15. ^^^^^ this made the Dallas paper this morning. Now national news. Good work!
  16. 3/28 - applied without printd 6/29 - Active, 93 days 7/10 - in the mail, 104 days
  17. I also went active on 6/29, and no mail yet, but's it's a bit farther to TX.
  18. We're very accommodating. Hey, when this happens, come on down and OC. Now, I just wish you guys could fix IL for when I visit my daughter.
  19. I'm certainly interested in any response. My understanding is that TX only likes to do it on a reciprocal basis, altho that is not law.
  20. Texas. While no reciprocity yet (and probably not very soon), anyone who can legally possess a firearm, and is not in the act of committing a crime, can legally carry concealed in their vehicle. It must remain concealed, but there is no duty to inform. The only problem could be gun free school zones and post office property. You can also legally carry concealed from your residence directly to your vehicle and back again. It is called the Motorist Protection Act.
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