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If FOID application is past 30 days, renewal past 60 business days

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When a FOID application has gone past the 30 day time frame and still under review, the applicant may submit a request for administrative hearing to the director of the Illinois State Police. Although this section of the statute does not mention FOID renewals, if a renewal goes past the 60 business days stated elsewhere in the statute, you might try submitting the request for administrative hearing.


Typed or handwritten is fine - see attached word doc below:


Sec. 10. Appeal to director; hearing; relief from firearm prohibitions.

  1. Whenever an application for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card is denied, whenever the Department fails to act on an application within 30 days of its receipt, or whenever such a Card is revoked or seized as provided for in Section 8 of this Act, the aggrieved party may appeal to the Director of State Police for a hearing upon such denial, revocation or seizure . . .


You will need to send a letter to the director and request a hearing on why your FOID was not issued within the 30 day time frame (60 business days for a renewal) prescribed by law. In the letter, give your full legal name, date of birth, FOID number or application number, and the date you submitted the application for your FOID card.


What usually happens is once the director sees there is no reason to delay the FOID card, they simply process and issue.

If, on the rare occasion you are granted a hearing, it is usually a meeting with an administrative judge appointed by the ISP, you may be able to do that as a teleconference or may need to travel to Springfield. You can have an attorney with you, if you think you need one.

Send this all via a mail service that will provide you with a signed receipt of delivery to:


Director Brendan Kelly

Illinois State Police

801 S. 7th Street

Springfield, IL 62703



Request for Administrative hearing.docx

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