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Email from Sentator napoleon Harris 15th District


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Got this today




Dear Kevin,

During the first half of the year, we've witnessed horrible tragedies throughout the country as a result of gun violence. Trayvon Martin, the 26 students and faculty from Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the Aurora movie theater victims all had bright futures and their lives were sadly cut short because guns landed in the wrong hands.

As our country observed these terrible tragedies, I felt the heartache and pain grieving friends, children, spouses and parents were going through. Seeing victims' family mourning the deaths of their loved ones struck a chord with me. I saw the importance of having restrictive gun laws in our states statue. I, as a Father, would never want myself or anyone else to experience the unimaginable pain they're experiencing.

Yesterday, I voted to oppose an effort to override the Governor's additional recommended safety measures. Despite my objections, the far less preventative legislation passed.

My major issue is the amount of guns people can carry at a time and the legislation doesn't go far enough to regulate instances where guns and alcohol could end up the same environment. I also support the governor's plan to allow businesses to create their own gun policies about whether or not their employees can carry guns on their property and undo the provision limiting assault weapon bans.

Governor Quinn's veto message pointed towards the need for common sense measures that limit gun violence in our communities. I support the rights of gun owners and the second amendment but we need to enact stronger laws to ensure public safety. We need to come back to Springfield so we can continue working on this issue before it takes full effect.

Be sure to visit my website to stay informed about my efforts and any changes in legislation.



Senator Napoleon Harris, III

15th District – Illinois


District Office:

Office: (708) 232-8780

Email Senator Harris


Capitol Office:

M108 Capitol Building

Springfield, IL 62706

Office: (217) 782-8066

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He's difficult to figure out. In the Spring 2013 session he filed a bill to require insurance covering willful acts, but also filed one that would have allowed a non-preemptive form of carry with only a FOID card.


Thats classic public health maneuvering. Requiring insurance is going to reduce the total instances of gun ownership and/or carry, allowing non-preemptive FOID carry muddies the water, takes the wind out of our sails, creates a new round of lawsuits, and runs down the clock to a potential SCOTUS balance shift.

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Typical stupid politician. He talks about the gun violence during the first half of the year and gives examples from 2012. And his examples are two mentally defective people shooting people in gun free zones and an alleged drug abuser being shot after attacking a neighborhood watch member in self defense.

He also seems to forget all the things he wants to undo were all carefully negotiated. His side gave us restaurants, we gave him 150 dollar fees. He gave an end to new AWBs we gave him a ban on public transportation carry. If he wants to take back his concessions he should know we will take back ours



EDIT: to clarify, I don't know if the "quid pro quo" examples I gave are in anyway accurate, they are just examples off the top of my head

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