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  1. You don't always need a good plaintiff, just look at Lawrence v. Texas.
  2. Only if you plan on complying with the harassment of petty bureaucrats and their impotent little city councils. We've fine tradition of civil disobedience in this country, if the antis keep pushing their luck they're liable to find out what it looks like when you turn a community of people built on individualism and small arms into reflexive scofflaws. The gun culture is surprisingly law abiding, I'm almost eager to see what we look like when we've got enough precedent under our belts to get defiant.
  3. I dunno. I grew up in Chicago and my dad worked in a non-patronage city job for about 30 years. One of the things he constantly said was that the city was ruled by Egos as much as corruption. Sometimes you'd be told to do something you knew wouldn't work but when arguing means losing your job you just go through the motions to placate whatever despot with a crooked nose thought it was a good idea. Its very possible that whoever wrote this brief knew it was garbage but did his job anyway because they know that this isn't really about guns, or even the law, but about soothing Rahm's ego and giving him the ability to say "we did wall we could but those evil downstaters/republicans/freemasons/big-firearms-lobbyists conspired against us" to the other little men in search of balconies whose egos simply cannot tolerate the word "no."
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