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  1. When I lived in Cook County elections for offices like state rep, state senator, mayor, village trustee, etc were more often than not uncontested. Even US representative might as well have been, the republican candidate typically received little to no support or funding from the party and basically just there because no one else wanted their name on the ballot.
  2. I'm pretty sure all the local AWBs have LEO carve outs as well, so those would all be toast too.
  3. I still find it odd they demand you dispose of or alter the brace if you choose to remove it, but don't demand you dispose of or alter the short barrel if you decide to remove that instead.
  4. There are multiple interstate compacts regulating driver's license reciprocity. The full faith and credit clause is in respect to records, not licenses. It would apply to using a DL as identification in another state, but not as a license to operate a motor vehicle.
  5. Driver's licenses are example of voluntary reciprocity working the way it should, but CCW never did work that way. Whether Bruen will change that is too early to tell, we are still waiting on the cases that got GVR'd to be decided again, let alone any new cases.
  6. I mean, you're still a felon in Faulkner County, the feds just have to come an arrest you themselves, rather than having the Sheriff's dept do it for them.
  7. Well yes, if you bring it back into IL and you don't have a FOID you'd be in violation of the law, but I assume we all have FOIDs here, in which case IL can't do anything about what you do in another state (same way an Indiana resident can come here and buy weed and IN can't do anything about it, unless they bring it back to IN)
  8. Yes certain air rifles are firearms in in Illinois and require FOID (and waiting period) to buy. However they are not firearms under federal law and thus free from any restrictions if you buy in another state (store policies may vary)
  9. Form 1s regularly take longer than 88 days as it is, so clearly the time to run the background check is only a portion of that. I doubt the load the background check system will be any higher than it is now as they process any new Form 1s
  10. Air rifles are specifically exempted from being considered "assault weapons"
  11. They would still be banned by features, its not like they can list every single AR model by name.
  12. Feinstein's bill, IIRC, borrowed heavily from Cook County's ban (which may itself be cribbed from somewhere else) but none of that really means anything, it doesn't make the law any more or less valid. The immunity is still in effect, but it's not total as Biden et al. would have you believe, it has exemptions so lawsuits can still get filed and the plaintiff has to show they fall into one of those exemptions.
  13. Looks to me like it only bans 50 BMG and not other 50 caliber cartridges, even for rifles.
  14. SCOTUS might be worried that the trickle effect would mean we'd all go out and buy new machine guns after they strike down the NFA. But since SCOTUS themselves would be the gatekeeper of that trickle I don't think they'd be convinced by the logic.
  15. I can see the possible path for banning all lowers is as follows There exists, somewhere, an archetypal AR lower that is stamped "AR-15," which is explicitly banned in J(ii)(II) At this point it is not exempted as it is not operated manually, its just a stripped lower. That lower, by itself, with no other attachment or feature, is banned by name. Any and all other AR lowers are "copies, duplicates, variants, or altered facsimiles" of that stripped lower They are also banned, since as a stripped lower they share the capabilities of the archetypal stripped lower. In this interpretation an already-assembled bolt action AR would possibly be allowed, but the stripped lower to start such a project would not. But it could hinge on whether a stripped lower, that has never been assembled, is a "rifle" or a "pistol" to match the text of sections (J) or (K) ("All of the following rifles" and "All of the following pistols"). We don't know the answer to that. Yes the federal standard is that it is neither a rifle or a pistol until it's assembled, but that's as it pertains to federal law, this is IL law so the courts could interpret differently, particularly since it also bans a combination of parts that could be assembled into an "assault weapon" so if you already own a grandfathered AR you could use those parts with a new stripped lower to assemble a new, non-grandfathered, AR. The same would apply to a bolt-action AR you already own, unless you register the lower.
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