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  1. We need to stay on top of this regardless who wins. This is way different than the bump stock ban as it affects common items
  2. Lost my wallet last month. Filled out the *notarized* affidavit as required by law (!!!) saying I lost it. Paid my $80. I will note that I originally submitted the optional fingerprints, and that I have a clean criminal record. Now it's over 30 days (filed 5/8), I can't contact ISP FSB (automated phone just says 'sorry try later' once you finally try to get a human), My (supposedly) constitutionally-protected right is still denied, with threat of severe criminal penalty. My replacement drivers license came in the mail within days. Called my IL congressional rep, they're like "sorry we can't help" Why is there not a lawsuit about this yet?
  3. I ride the CTA often and thus am completely disarmed (since I follow laws) and I see unstable people on there all the time... and here's the worst part: I almost never ever see police officers, except maybe every once in a while, rarely, in a station. but it's rare. and i never see them on the actual train
  4. They have some bugs on their site. I am now "under review" after changing address . Had weird form issues with entering data for a while - had to restart from scratch to get it working. All in all fairly convenient - except for the insane fee.
  5. OldMarineVet: As much as possible. :> Bumping thread to the top !
  6. Anyone with a permit should consider giving back !
  7. "mental health illness" should be "mental illness" the comma after "following the law" is probably could be removed you could add a comma after 'unsafe environment'
  8. we should give them to gun store owners, say give them a stack of 500 and let people pick them up and distribute them
  9. Still waiting for Utah! Never thought I'd get IL before Utah lol No kidding....
  10. Good news is my permit was in the mail when I got home (Cook Co, applied 1/2) Bad news is 5000 other people got theirs too. Didn't want to go outside, too dangerous.
  11. I'm in. But I'd rather go for a jog by Lee Goodman's house. Lmao Sent from my Galaxy S4 using Tapatalk We should all show up and stand guard in front of the GFZs.... And hand out pro-safety material ... (Purple)
  12. I just did the digital id piece on a windows machine and the rest on macs.
  13. I had some issues initially in Mac, but eventually got it working in latest Firefox. thanks ISP & Molly for relaying the info.
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