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  1. Could be off here, but when an FFL serializes it, they have it in a record that the ISP can access. Self serialization doesn't give them that info. The whole thing is so wrong...
  2. I have always seen the public transit prohibition as an equal protection violation. People with fewer resources, including many minorities, are reliant on busses and trains, yet cannot protect themselves.
  3. Kill off lawful commerce. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/ups-reportedly-cancels-accounts-gun-dealers-selling-ghost-gun-may-seize-destroy-package/
  4. Long read from a law blog I follow. https://reason.com/volokh/2022/07/01/what-does-the-new-york-conceal-carry-law-require/ Short version, NY is making concealed carry incredibly difficult in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision.
  5. I think we should start a GoFundMe campaign to send "Molly" to law school.
  6. The cost issue is one that got a lot of discussion early one, but not so much lately. Indeed it is a major equal access problem for people of modest means and people of color in poorer areas. And then there is the restriction on carrying on public transit -- again, a huge constraint/deterrent from exercising a constitutional right, particularly for folks who whom busses and trains are an essential part of earning a living. Hopefully this decision will crack the door open on those limits to exercising our rights.
  7. I am trending in Sullivan's direction despite the fact he's a long shot. My logic is that even if he doesn't get it this time, a good showing in the primary may strengthen his position within the party for future tries.
  8. What a tragedy that we have to puzzle about simple issues that have such weighty legal consequences here in Illinois, when such things are a non issue in most of the rest of the country.
  9. "They are telling Winchester that they can only sell Lake City production to the government and cannot sell excess to the civilian market, no?" How can this be? Is Winchester's contract with the government written so tightly that they can be told who else to sell to?
  10. What about something like an early Remington Nylon 66 with no serial number from the factory?
  11. Now that they have solved the ghost gun (as in guns made by individuals, not an organized manufacturer) problem, can we expect them to come after ghost ammunition (ammo not directly tied to a FOID card transaction)? Reloaders stay alert!!!
  12. Given last week's events, I'm sure it wasn't a coincidence that 60 Minutes ran a piece this past Sunday showing how deadly an AR round is, using a block of ballistic gel. Of course the 9mm they showed as a comparison round didn't prove out Biden's outlandish claim. But they didn't mention that for some reason...
  13. Well by that standard, Chicago could have its own subcategory. In fact, I'd bet that when you filtered out the gang/street violence in the big liberal cities, the overall US rates would take on a whole new look.
  14. This is an old story that has been resurrected to keep the current anti gun ferment going.
  15. Well here's a useful article from a law blog I follow. https://reason.com/volokh/2022/05/28/private-gun-carriers-self-defense-against-public-shooters/#more-8187422 Short version -- there are plenty of examples of this in the real world -- that is outside of today's media reporting.
  16. Well, after I made that post, they seem to be on target -- something on my end must have been askew.
  17. Mauser, is it just me, or are the time stamps on recent posts out of sync?
  18. Wouldn't be surprised if we see Dick Durban in front of the cameras with Chuck Schumer, pushing for federal legislation.
  19. Well, how long will it take until they start talking about restricting/prohibiting non-LE possession of body armor?
  20. Don't forget that past Illinois Republican governors have been up against Madigan and an entrenched (for many years this meant Daley-controlled) state Democratic machine. The Ds may be somewhat weaker now. And in my view, any R would be better than JB.
  21. Regrettably for those who advocate separating from the northeast corner of the state in some way, Cook and the collar counties are the economic engine of Illinois. https://www.farmweeknow.com/policy/state/state-tax-dollars-benefit-downstate-region-more-than-others/article_9207435a-ef0f-11eb-8280-ab69354d438c.html The prospect of a separate state of Southern Illinois would entail considerable fiscal distress, without a clear path forward to solvent operational status.
  22. Dream on. Without significant changes in the General Assembly, the most devout conservative you can come up with will only be effective on the margins. Yeah, color me pessimistic...
  23. The situation is not precisely comparable, but IIRC, Ronald Reagan was a Democrat before he was a Republican.
  24. First, with Madigan gone, the Springfield Dems may not be quite as hard to deal with, as he was the main cause of Rauner's inability to get anything done. Even those who considered Rauner a RINO probably would concede they'd rather have him in office than our current incumbent. Having said that, I understand the impulse to vote in the primary for someone as close as possible to one's values and views. But as a practical matter, any Republican would be better than JB, and getting the person most likely to beat him on the ticket is my priority. And realistically, name recognition and money matter. Griffin's money has already produced high quality TV ads to introduce Irvin, and I'm pretty sure this is just the opening salvo. FWIW.
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