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  1. I would argue that "bearable arms" are arms that can be aimed or employed for the intended effect. See "bring to bear". Just as "well regulated" has/had more than one meaning, so does this.
  2. I hope you have a license for that post. Free speech is way too dangerous without training. Clueless people could go around spouting whatever opinion they want.
  3. 1. I know that, and you know that, but does the officer that pulls me over in another state know that? Because that's NOT what the card says. 2. It DOES NOT have the correct CCL indicator. My ccl card is still valid so I've been carrying with that.
  4. I still have an original combined cards that has the wrong ccl verbiage in the corner and specifically states that it does not authorize concealed carry... Are they going to be replacing these eventually? It's been over 6 months...
  5. I have a valid ccl that (supposedly, but not really in reality) works as a foid... and now a un-expiring foid that has a Y on it that I gather is supposed to work as a CCL... but has verbiage on it directly saying it does not... What am I supposed to put in my wallet? Are we back to carrying both? Generally speaking, what exactly is the purpose of the new foid if it doesn't "authorize" anything without calling the state for authorization? This whole thing is a joke.
  6. Additional info: I just received a "new login" notification for every attempt I made to log in... So the site is accepting my password but directing me back to the login page...
  7. I received a letter stating my foid expires at the end of the month. When I go to www.ispfsb.com and click into the area to renew my foid I am greeted with a pop-up about revoked instructor credentials. After entering my info (I believe it should be valid still. I renewed my ccl a couple years ago.) and clicking "sign in" the page reloads and I shown the pop-up about instructor credentials again and a blank log in form... No errors or informational messages. Endless circle. Anyone have any ideas on how to proceed?
  8. FWIW, Rural King refused to sell a handgun to a friend of mine because his FOID was cracked.
  9. Well shoot. Another to add to the list: FTL ARMORY AND TRANSFER in Sugar Grove. A home-based ffl who have provided me with great service over the last several years...
  10. The law says nothing about state parks. Not the park, the buildings. I think it's #3... Whichever one they use to justify posting Illinois rest areas... The buildings are definitely posted though, as well as the fenced in outdoor deck.
  11. I own one. I'd describe it as, "Okay for the money." It's no Benchmade but it isn't Harbor Freight either. I'd say quality is similar to popular budget knives like the Kershaw/Emersons or RAT folders.
  12. I can't help but notice that the proponents are predominately male and the opponents are predominately female.
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