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  1. Very good thread to sticky. Hopefully I will never need their services. But very good to know just in case.
  2. 6 communities that hate freedom and citizens? Hope it will end at that... We'll find out by Friday
  3. It appears that the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals no longer has the ruling online (via the link in 1st post). Does anyone else here have a link to the actual ruling?
  4. I have called the reps & senators and found new email addresses (and tested all the "Rep" ones) for most of the "Delivery Failure" emails. IM to Mauserme to update the master spreadsheet
  5. Exceptional news today! I was among those sceptical of the 7th circuit court. I owe them an apology. IGOLD2013 will be a party to remember!
  6. At least Chicago is being forced to change their restrictions, and the judge is continuing on with the discussion of what hardship their new restrictions mean. After about 20 more “tweaks” and cases, they may eventually be forced to do something reasonable.
  7. I just realized I never replied to this thread Rep: Randy Ramey - 55 Sen: John Millner - 28
  8. Great spreadsheet! Thank you for sharing
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