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  1. I’ve donated to these organizations before and have been disappointed and let down with their actions. As long as my right to bear arms is written on that Bill of Right I ain’t donating jack squat to anybody! The only money I donate is the round up change at bass pro shop.
  2. Funny, when they’re about to line their pockets, all of a sudden…”Government's first duty is to center public safety by and for the people”
  3. Im looking at properties in Kendall County. I see some old maps showing them with legislation on the books. Anyone know if there is any new movements there?
  4. Johnny Hurley deserves a debt of gratitude from that police department, a statue in his honor, and 24 million to his family; as opposed to the late George Floyd.
  5. The southern border is chock full of democrat votes, to back up an already fixed system.
  6. It does appear they are closing in on him (as if he’s the target) and doing it carefully. Fingers crossed I wonder if fatso is cooperating with the feds
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo3_ie_Cr94 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHojVTKGiNw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLh5BdAGv6E Sorry, dont know how to embed youtube videos. These are recent town halls from virgina. citizens making their case about recent gun control proposals.
  8. Let’s not forget that the whole DC swamp inhabits Virginia. The federal government has grown unrestricted over the last few administrations that it has pretty much taken over the state of Virginia. I’m talking about thousands and thousands (maybe more) of Bush/Clinton/Obama loyalists. Another reason why our 2nd Amendment is so critically important. Virginia seems to be the front line right now. I’m sure some good patriots in VA are dusting off their rifles...
  9. Doesn’t look like a legit letter at all. I would like to see the video if u can pm it
  10. Nice to see these summaries. I was in the review process for just under a year.
  11. thanks. yes i did have to respond to two different valid objections on separate occasions. they were both misdemeanor non-domestic offenses by my local pd. they were both brought down to lesser charges in court resulting in supervisions and non-convictions when it was said and done. i showed this to the board and wrote a letter.
  12. Applied March 17,2015 Under board review 4/16/2015 Under review 2/25/16 Active on 3/1/2016 Got my license today 3/10/2016 Long fight Thanks illinois carry and molly b!
  13. Yeah dart is a real piece of work. All I can do is wait and prepare. Thanks guys.
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