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  1. Im looking at properties in Kendall County. I see some old maps showing them with legislation on the books. Anyone know if there is any new movements there?
  2. Johnny Hurley deserves a debt of gratitude from that police department, a statue in his honor, and 24 million to his family; as opposed to the late George Floyd.
  3. The southern border is chock full of democrat votes, to back up an already fixed system.
  4. I see they found an even better gun salesman than Obama. I think I’m just going to vote for democrats from now on.
  5. I used to think these people were just dumb, but it is all about disarming the law abiding citizen over time.
  6. They’re just trying to sell more guns.
  7. I hope he is not sick and selling everything off. That’s what happened with Eddie Van Halen.
  8. The gun is mightier than the pen! Something tells me Joey has plenty of gun control up his sleeve though.
  9. It doesn’t say how they’re going to round up all the guns from the gangbangers though.
  10. After Rauner and now Kinzinger, you mean to tell me that there’s such thing as an Illinois republican? Republican Party is toast in this state.
  11. Ahhh brings back memories of Rainbow Six on Windows.
  12. So how are they going to know a person has unsecured guns in their house?
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