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  1. I should have said, additional polishing on a factory polished stainless handgun will absolutely increase the value. Taking a dull brushed stainless factory handgun to a high gloss might lower the value, only if it is a collectable.
  2. Nonsense, whoever wrote that is an idiot IMO. Also, you can always return the bright finish back to a duller satin finish with minimal unpolishing.
  3. Hi, I'm in Orland Park, and I am interested in the ammo, if it is available.



  4. Well that would never happen at Shoot Point Blank in Mokena. Your gun has to be cased anywhere outside of your shooting lane. The back tables are for reloading magazines, stacking targets or similar items. Any exposed gun has to be left on your enclosed lane table and pointed down range. I can't believe other Range USA locations (Point Blank) do not operate in exactly the same way that I see in Mokena every month over the last several years.
  5. The CZ slide stop is a wear item, and should be replaced at 5000 rounds IMO. However, the new CZ Shadow 2 slide stop should be replaced every 3000 rounds because of the newer designed frame. A few of the early Shadow 2's (not very many) had the frame cracking where the slide stop pin ran through, so CZ removed that frame material in their final design, and that created more flexing of the pin. The round numbers are my estimate, but there is plenty of info out there on the forums.
  6. That's an interesting point you brought up. Law enforcement can run your card number if they feel like it, but not having an expiration date just adds another level of work for them in non-serious situations.
  7. Interesting, my FOID had two years left, and was extended another eight years from the same day my renewed CCL was issued. I only renewed my CCL. I was surprised they did that.
  8. Based on my recent experience, I would say two weeks or so to printing and mailing.
  9. Final update: USPS informed delivery is showing my renewed CCL will be delivered later today. It only took 386 days to process and get it to me....😮
  10. USPS informed delivery is showing my renewed CCL is being delivered later today. It went active 2-28-2022. It only took 386 days.
  11. I was told by an employee that the original Shoot Point Blank name was too aggressive.
  12. Good question, I'm following the thread. I will be receiving a new FOID/CCL soon, and my old FOID is still good for two more years, so I don't expect a problem just yet.
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