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  1. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    You hit the jackpot on an old inventory item they must have found in the back of the safe. What year was this new one produced? There might have been a used one in rough shape with no factory box for $800, but the vast majority are selling for $1000-$1500, which does not include tax and shipping.
  2. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    I don't see a date on your receipt for that polished stainless. Their site says out of stock, just like all the others do.
  3. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    Wow, a used CZ75b polished stainless just sold for $1775, not including taxes or shipping. . RARE CZ 75B High Polish Stainless - Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.com : 939522459
  4. I don't think it was an executive order, but more of a request to the ISP, and the ISP complied with his request.
  5. Wow, I wouldn't be surprised if thousands of FOID cards get revoked with this new order.
  6. I really wonder how many Cook County Forest Preserve officers know about this ruling. I can see those officers being told to seize and arrest and let the court sort it out. Meanwhile, you get arrested, gun is seized and your vehicle is towed. Always remember, you are guilty till you prove your innocence, just my opinion.
  7. Once you have been issued your CCL, you must have it on your person whenever you are carrying a concealed firearm. Your license, however, does not allow you to carry a concealed handgun anywhere you want. By law, you are prohibited from carrying a concealed firearm in, on, or at: Public transit, including trains and buses Airports Pre-schools, primary schools, and secondary schools Colleges, universities, and trade schools, unless authorized by the institution Childcare and daycare facilities Playgrounds and municipality-controlled pubic parks, excluding bike paths The Cook County Forest Preserve Any establishment at which 50 percent of gross revenue comes from alcohol sales Local or state government buildings Hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities Libraries Sports arenas and stadiums Museums, amusement parks, and zoos Casinos, racetracks, riverboats, and off-site betting locations Nuclear facilities Private property, at the owner's discretion (Non-residences must have a sign indicating the prohibition.) Concealed Carry in a Prohibited Area: One of the most common CCL-related violations is carrying a concealed weapon in a prohibited area. A first offense is a Class B misdemeanor, and you could face up to six months in jail. A second offense is elevated to a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail. A third offense is also a Class A misdemeanor and will result in your CCL being permanently revoked.
  8. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    Thanks, but this seller charged an additional 3% credit card fee, and here is a Gunbroker fee based on a $1500 sale, so $1100+ is very correct: For example, a $1500 item would cost: $250 times 6% = $15.00 $1250 times 3.5% = $43.75 Total = $58.75
  9. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    The seller would get $1100+, but that's not the point. The point is there was a reputable buyer that was willing to pay well over $1300. after shipping taxes, and FFL transfer fee.
  10. Rmac702

    Gun prices

    It all depends on what you are selling and buying. Here is an example of an auction today for a desirable used CZ75 polished stainless handgun. It sold for $1200 plus shipping, tax and FFL transfer fee. CZ 75B High Polish, Rare Discontinued, 9mm, Stainless Steel - Semi Auto Pistols at GunBroker.com : 933190230
  11. I should have said, additional polishing on a factory polished stainless handgun will absolutely increase the value. Taking a dull brushed stainless factory handgun to a high gloss might lower the value, only if it is a collectable.
  12. Nonsense, whoever wrote that is an idiot IMO. Also, you can always return the bright finish back to a duller satin finish with minimal unpolishing.
  13. Hi, I'm in Orland Park, and I am interested in the ammo, if it is available.



  14. Well that would never happen at Shoot Point Blank in Mokena. Your gun has to be cased anywhere outside of your shooting lane. The back tables are for reloading magazines, stacking targets or similar items. Any exposed gun has to be left on your enclosed lane table and pointed down range. I can't believe other Range USA locations (Point Blank) do not operate in exactly the same way that I see in Mokena every month over the last several years.
  15. The CZ slide stop is a wear item, and should be replaced at 5000 rounds IMO. However, the new CZ Shadow 2 slide stop should be replaced every 3000 rounds because of the newer designed frame. A few of the early Shadow 2's (not very many) had the frame cracking where the slide stop pin ran through, so CZ removed that frame material in their final design, and that created more flexing of the pin. The round numbers are my estimate, but there is plenty of info out there on the forums.
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