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  1. I think you just need to attend the second day of the 16hr class. A quick call to a CCL instructor should clear that up.
  2. And Cook County still has a 10rd limit on the books. My FFL, just a few weeks ago, said it was still legal after the CCL act. I didn't want to argue with him.
  3. It sounds normal to me after reading so many posts where people were waiting a year or more. I'm going on seven months now for my CCL renewal.
  4. I did pick up the handgun Friday. I asked him how long did it take for approval, and he said about three hours.
  5. New handgun purchase Monday, and I was told by my FFL today to pickup Friday.
  6. I passed the 5 month mark for my CCL renewal (no prints). Hoping for a 2023 approval...
  7. I talked to a friend of mine yesterday, and he told me his FOID renewal, that he just did, was completed in 10 days. Before he applied for renewal, I told him it might take at least 6 months or more. He probably thinks I'm an idiot.
  8. Update: I renewed my CCL yesterday, and the CCT was already in the box, so I only had to enter instructors number. The entire application went smoothy, including loading the renewal certificate and my picture.
  9. Rmac702

    Colt Sold to CZ

    I agree. I'm not aware of CZ having any revolvers in their line up so this seems like a natural acquisition. CZ owns Dan Wesson, and they have some revolver models.
  10. Rmac702

    Colt Sold to CZ

    CZ has made quality handguns for decades, and the Colt acquisition will enhance both companies IMO.
  11. Law Enforcement is working under a different statue than we are. Their training and position allows for various options. If we use their abilities, then we could all open carry cause they do right? No. If you say so,.
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