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  1. I applied 7/18/2020,Went active 4/2/2021 foid card is supposed to be in mail today. Almost 9 months!
  2. Sorry to see him go but congrats for getting out of this state
  3. Wow this still goes on. Great. Love it. Haven’t been in a Walmart since they started requiring masks. I can’t wear one.
  4. I heard on the radio this morning that Williamson County is having a meeting to not be a sanctuary county but to put that question on the fall ballot
  5. Any further news if Nevada might add us?? Seems like I heard their sheriff's meet in June or July and they might add us then????
  6. I agree, a Glock 26 with 13 rounds is heavier than you think. You are right, heavier than you think. Carried out of state but would always dress planning for it. Never tried to carry in my normal everyday dress until the last few weeks. IWB at center of back seems to be the most comfortable but I don't think I will ever forget it is there. Waiting on an Alien Gear.
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