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  1. Exchanged emails with my State Rep's office 2 days ago. The exchange , in part: " I am asking for Mr. XXXXX's help in getting my FCCL renewed. My FCCL expired on 5/26/21. I renewed on 3/24/21, 5 months ago! The ISP instructs me to carry my receipt for renewal. I will be traveling out west in Sept. Each state I will be visiting honors a valid IL FCCL. Not an expired FCCL with a note from the government. This is such a hot mess it should be abolished. I feel my 2A rights are being infringed due to the inept administration of a constitutionally questionable law. I'm asking that Mr. XXXXX contact the ISP and have them expedite my renewal so that I may exercise my 2A Right while on vacation." "We got your message from Springfield as well. I can make an inquiry with the ISP in regards to your renewal status but I cannot expedite any processing times. Your card is legally valid. I will be very honest with you, renewals are taking almost a year or longer at this time. If you would like me to inquire about your status I am happy to do that-" "These ISP issues are putting an undue burden on folks simply trying to exercise their right. Will JB post my bail when another state doesn't honor my expired card?" "Thank you. I will get that request to them. If you have concerns with the other states honoring your legally valid card I strongly suggest that you reach out to the local or state police in the areas you will be traveling to inquire as to why they would not accept the card as valid. We have had other constituents who have traveled with their cards and the print out of their renewal and it has been just fine. Please let me know if you find that there are states that are not accepting that. Maybe the ISP can suggest something further or can speak with them." "I understand. But I think everyone would agree that this places an extra burden on folks. I also plan on carrying a note from Epstein's mother! LOL!!!" "We agree! The entire requirement is overly burdensome and should be done away with. Unfortunately, there would not be enough support to get that through the General Assembly. Thank you for your understanding and your humor :)"
  2. Okay, but set the cook line at route 53 you can get the tax revenue from woodfeild mall, the car dealers, and restaurants and hotels. Set the line at Rt. 47.
  3. Caught fund raising off the McCloskey case https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/st-louis-circuit-attorney-kim-gardner-dismissed-mccloskey-case-caught-fundraising-off-incident/
  4. Have a friend(first time applicant) who reports that when he looks up his FOID on the ISP website it is active but has an expiration date of COVID 19. I thought that was just for renewals. Seems he would not get the full 10 years if that's the case.
  5. From the ISP FB page: We currently have approximately 62,000 FOID applications under review which includes new, renewals and changes. FOID card holders will remain valid throughout the renewal process, as long as they apply for their card renewal prior to the expiration date on their FOID card. The ISP’s FSB is currently working on implementing a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution to provide much needed improvements and efficiencies to the call center. The State of Illinois vendor contract with Presidio has an estimated implementation cost of $750,000 with a recurring monthly cost of $10,000; these costs are being paid for through the State Police Firearm Services Fund. The new VoIP system allows for not only automated processes, such as completing an application without having to speak to an agent, it is also interactive. It will work in conjunction with the existing system and agents to populate their computer with information ahead of receiving a caller, to better and more quickly assist them. The call flow allows callers to select their specific issues and potentially resolve them independent of an agent. The system will also enable a person to request a call back without having to remain on the line. In addition, it will provide callers the ability to renew a FOID card or Concealed Carry License (CCL) with no address change over the phone, including payment, without speaking to a live agent. Until improvements in the call center are completed, there are four methods for obtaining assistance with FOID/CCL related issues. Applicants may call (217) 782-7980; they can visit the Illinois State Police home page and click the Firearms tab to the left where they will find a section related directly to FOID/CCL, complete with a FAQ section: https://www.ispfsb.com/; for video tutorials related to FOID/CCL, they can visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqmvVzpfjsojFnd50HndO5A; or they can email the FSB at ISP.ASKFOID@illinois.gov where a customer service agent can provide assistance.
  6. I really cant know for sure. That same question is bothering me too. I have a video of the 20min visit. I can share it via PM if you like to see it. I live in a very decent area of DuPage county where police is present everywhere (160k population). It would be very risky for outsiders to impersonate law enforcement officers in the middle of the day next to a very busy street. Wait. Cook County Sheriffs were in DuPage county?? Why would they be outside their jurisdiction?? This doesn't pass the smell test.
  7. It seems that, on the bottom of page 10, the AG didn't put much effort into presenting his case. That could be interpreted as supporting Hatfield. The AG was required to reply to the motion and merely "went through the motions". Am I reading between the lines too much?
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