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  1. Wow will these be going on in November too? This is awesome! Seriously planning to buy my next firearm just based on this.
  2. Just dropping this in here. Foid was to expire in august. Signed up at the end of April (like 28th) received card today with a 5/7 issue date. Wife’s took 6 months when she renewed. Weird. I always get instant approvals too, ISP must like me.
  3. I think you ever put a rifle stock on it, it’s a rifle (SBR with short bbl) you can’t go back to a pistol. Build as a pistol leave it a pistol.
  4. That’s great, SAF always seems to be working for 2A rights. While I am a lifetime NRA member, several years ago I switched my amazon smile donations to SAF. They seem to use the money for actual 2A causes.
  5. First Cabelas, now this one. Going for a monopoly? I’ve noticed Cabelas price increases since the acquisition and they only carry tracker boats now instead of alumacraft and a couple others.
  6. You won’t see much of that type of news in the MSM even though it’s Biden voters. Their usefulness is done and pandering to their views and feelings no longer matters. Hopefully some of them being engaged in support of 2A policies will at least change the way they think about leftist anti 2A policies. Of course we have seen complete destruction of lives in many urban areas through years of control by the party without any signs of voters deciding to change things.
  7. I am hopeful that the unprecedented number of new gun owners in 2020, will at least show support for 2A causes, even if they unwittingly voted for a candidate very much apposed to our constitutional rights. I can’t see many new gun owners welcoming anti 2A agendas. Might just help with those midterms and runoffs .
  8. Based on the recent phenomenon of many liberals now deciding to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and become new gun owners as a result of the “peaceful but fiery” protests, I’d think many of these groups are going to need to find a new rallying cry...At least I hope.
  9. That is a good idea. I do have a respirator with P100 filters, but no reason to not monitor it. I worked in a lab in college, so I like to think that I have at least some background in safety procedures. I have already started to design a flowchart for my whole process as I understand it so far. There is always room for improvement, especially concerning safety. Anyone know if lead levels is something that I can have my doctor add to my regular blood work? Yes your doc should be able to add lead to routine blood work. P100 cartridges will offer a level of protection for lead fumes (Just not mercury there are mersorb cartridges for that). Then just avoid licking your fingers when covered in lead lol. Really have to be careful with lead around kids because they absorb it much more easily than adults because their bones are still growing which causes the lead to be assimilated more effectively. Occupationally though, if working with lead, exposure monitoring would be done annually just to make sure there isn’t an overexposure going on.
  10. I’d recommend getting your blood levels checked regularly if you are just getting into that as hobby. While it is harder for an adult to get acute lead poisoning related effects, it can have pretty dramatic effects on a variety of body systems. It can be done safely with some controls applied.
  11. That was a very well crafted and true statement. It’s unfortunate that some cannot see the reality of the will of the opposition to constitutional law.
  12. My wife and I received our licenses in the mail today. 115 days until active, 119 days total until in hands, no prints.
  13. ^^gamma post. Based on OPs description I would want cannons and a mote, "Castle Doctrine" .
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