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  1. Several posters in other threads have mentioned this one. Let's bump it back up to the top so it doesn't get lost.
  2. Posts 1 and 2 have been updated to reflect CCLRB outcomes through July 2018. I added this note to post 2:
  3. Or, you could just join the military. 29 years and counting--it's been a good experience for me. But seriously, so sorry for your pain. I hope you are able to get this resolved quickly.
  4. After reading through the ordinance I would agree that it doesn’t actually ban so-called “large capacity” magazines.
  5. If Im accurately reading between the lines, Alan Gura (works often with SAF) is wondering the same thing: https://twitter.com/alangura/status/984166207187243009?s=21
  6. I attached the reports for Sep, Oct, and Nov 2017 to post #1 and updated the 2016-2017 summary attachment in post #2. Will add the Dec report and summarize all of 2017 when it is available.
  7. In Illinois I could only “FOID transport” into Walmart. Ohio recognizes my PA license so there are no such restrictions here for nonresidents. Nice!
  8. And to think this thread began with this simple observation:
  9. Posts #1 and 2 have been updated with the latest reports (Jun-Aug 2017).
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