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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone! As is usually the case, I received mine the very next day. Finally able to feel "well-dressed". Have a great week and thanks again!
  2. Need some help folks...I finally got My FOID after months of incorrect data on my background and then I went Active for my CCL on 8/7/17 and here we are on 8/15/17 and no card...Should I check with Postman or No? Is this common? Or am I just excited and cant wait for it to get here and as my grandma used to say, "Watch pot never boils". Let me know Good people of IllinoisCarry
  3. Seems that their info would be correct. In most cases, "In Illinois" how would they be able to tell who you are over the phone? I'm sure they weren't being malicious And with the info they told you above, I'd wait till you receive that letter, read it and attempt to follow the appeals process. Not to sound or be rude, but we can't change the situation here, and if they've said get the letter and then move forward, you're just going to drive yourself crazy trying to get more answers. I'll go out on that limb and say your a great guy, I'll take your word, and it's just a glitch, hang in there 99% of these things seem to work out in a short time!Thanks Thanks!!! I will keep everyone posted
  4. I have had MULTIPLE Background checks for jobs as well as for the TSA as my job took me onto airport property and I have had zero issues. That's why I am so confused.
  5. They told me it was against their protocol to tell me and that I had to wait until I received the paper in the mail and it would have the things I would need to do to appeal.
  6. Yet another question for everyone. Is it common for someone to be denied or is it uncommon?
  7. Absolutely! I am glad I was able to take my CCl before having a FOID but I also didn't think there was any chance of being denied. If I had it to do again, I would wait but hignsight is 20/20. I am just anxious to get my denial in the mail and know how to proceed. Thanks to everyone for the help! I'll keep you posted.
  8. I was saying that in the event they deny my foid for good, at that point it's 200 bucks I can't get back. I just hope I can get this straightened out.
  9. It was DENIED not REJECTED. How do I PM Molly B? I am 100% new to any forum but I knew you would be my best hope. Unfortunately I already paid for and took my CCL soo that money is gone for now. I just hope I can get this resolved because I am a "solid citizen" and I have no clue why the card was denied.
  10. To Noone. I am pretty sure I didn't answer yes, but I may have gone to fast and checked yes by mistake. No felonies or anything like that.
  11. Thanks. I am so glad I have yall to go to for help cause I don't understand this at all.
  12. This was my first time applying. I have already taken my CCL class and was ready to send that it when I got my denial. How do I know why it was Denied as I called and they said they didn't have that info.
  13. I just saw all the posts. Thanks for replying. I sent off for my first FOID and it was Denied Thursday. No details yet. Someone told me if I made a mistake on it or my picture was insufficient they could deny. True?
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