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  1. He doesn’t need an executive order. They just jam another law through in the middle of the night like they did with PICA. There is nothing any republicans can do given the supermajority.
  2. In some respects, yes I believe criminals should be in fear for their lives when they decide to commit armed robbery. We as a society have gotten way too soft on crime that today's criminals have no fear of being caught. They know the outcome will most likely be a slap on the wrist. There are no consequences for today's criminals. You do know that horse stealing was a capital offense in the old west. The horse is equivalent to someone's car today.
  3. They call themselves "journalists". That article was so one sided it was ridiculous. According to their own guiding principles they state: Explanatory journalism is a public good. We believe that when more people understand why something is happening, we’re all better off. That’s why we keep Vox free. We don’t start with foregone conclusions. We’re not afraid to make a bold statement backed by expertise and reporting. We explore all points of view with generosity, empathy, and fairness, but we put facts first. The entire article was a foregone conclusion that guns are bad. There was no balanced presenting both sides of the issue. They certainly weren't providing balanced information so that the reader could form their own opinion on the matter. not to mention most of their points were factually inaccurate,
  4. Would a general hardware store washer meet the same specs as one designed for a firearm? I'm no gun smithing expert but was curious if there would be different specs required for firearm components.
  5. I am not fan of Trump as a person. He has too many faults. I do like the vast majority of his policies and things he has said. Definitely not a fan of how he said most things. With that said how do prove that there was no fraud with mail in ballots? You can never prove that it didn't happen. But it can also be near impossible to prove that it did. If you ballot harvested vast numbers of voters who are registered but never/rarely vote and then send those ballots in you have what appears to be legitimate votes. With states sending mail in ballots to all registered ballots whether they requested them or not this is certainly a possibility. Unless the investigations surveyed every mail in voter who submitted a ballot and asked whether they did or not, you have no way to know where that ballot came from. That is one example of possible fraud that could easily go undetected. Another method would be to gather up a ton of homeless or poor people who have not registered and then register them, bus them to the polls and promise them something in return if they vote for your candidate. I can easily see where many votes could be obtained this way. How about people going to the polls and identifying themselves as someone and casting their ballot. Again, find the registered voters who normally don't vote and cast their ballots at the polls. This takes more effort but it is not impossible. What about absentee voting. How do you make sure that is not manipulated. All of these methods are quite possible given todays voting laws and procedures and are very difficult to prove or disprove. (You can never prove a negative). Do I believe every claim from Trump that there was fraud. No. However I have lost confidence in the system enough to see it a very likely possibility. Chicago elections have been questionable for decades. So for you to claim that there was absolutely no fraud is not accurate, even with the investigations that took place. There are many ways the current system can be manipulated that you simply cannot truthfully say there is no fraud.
  6. How can they charge him for not having a FOID when he doesn't need one as an out of state resident and he cannot get one because he is not an Illinois resident?
  7. I believe the retraining requirement was always there. I did it for my first renewal and my original license was in the first batch issued.
  8. The story I read said no one in the stands heard anything and no one reacted to a loud noise. Seems most likely the round came from outside the park. In addition, a third person found a bullet in their hood. If the shot was fired within the park people would have reacted. No one did.
  9. Because the person next in line is equally as incompetent.
  10. 🖐️ I don't even own an AR15. Wouldn't mid getting one but it is low on the priority list. Even lower now with the current state of affairs in Illinois.
  11. Unfortunately I agree with your assumption. The entire lake front is a park and therefore is a prohibited place. Pretty ridiculous to me given the number of stories you hear every year regarding people getting attacked along the lake front. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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