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  1. Proud to see that my senator and rep both got a solid F from these fools.
  2. Still waiting, but my daughter submitted her renewal over a week after I did and her new card was in the mail Saturday. This system makes zero sense.😡
  3. Submitted renewal on 11/2/2021. According to ISP website new FOID issued 11/9. Still no sign of it in my mailbox. With the current state of the USPS, not going to worry for a while yet.
  4. One of the dumbest ideas to come out of Chicago in a long time. And that's a pretty high bar.
  5. My ISRA membership was supposed to auto-renew on May 31st. It didn't happen. Saved me some $$. They won't see a dime from me until there is a leadership change. I don't have money to waste on groups that screw us over.
  6. There is no doubt that the FOID Act is garbage and was based on the racist attitudes of the Dems in the 1960s. There is also no doubt that it is a total failure. Unfortunately I don't think there is a realistic chance that the courts will toss it. I see this bill as taking a page from the NY legislature that made just enough of a change to their draconian gun laws that it gave the courts an excuse to avoid the case by saying it was moot.
  7. Unless it is mandated through the courts Illinois will get constitutional carry about the same time the devil needs a parka and pigs fly.
  8. Because Illinois would rather us be unarmed victims.
  9. Some years ago Fox Lake was doing them for $5-10 as I recall. You did not have to be a resident. It may have changed, but worth a call to the non-emergency number if you live in that part of the county.
  10. These idiots keep getting elected...isn't that evidence of how irresponsible the majority of people if this state are?
  11. That's about how long it took to renew my Utah permit last fall. Amazing how these states can handle a renewal in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost that it takes here in the People's Republic of Illinois...and if you have a question you can get a real person on the phone in minutes,
  12. That poor lady is going to die of old age waiting for this fiasco to finally be settled.
  13. My wife let her FOID expire years ago. Early last month she applied for a new one. It arrived in the mail today. Just under 30 days. Every so often the ISP can do things in a timely manner.
  14. Wow...we just drove past Ocala about 45 minutes ago. And for the record, my daughter and I were both carrying.
  15. Haven't carried at Walmart yet, but did at Bass Pro in Gurnee while helping my daughter try to decide on a carry gun. Definitely felt strange at first but after an hour or so I almost forgot it was there.
  16. Submitted 8/21/18 with prints. Approved 9/25/18 Active 10/2/18 Received 10/15/18 My daughter applied 1 week later than I did and hers was in the mail today as well.
  17. Maybe I am too giddy with joy to think straight, but why are we even talking about 148 at this point? That was a "best we can hope for at this time" bill, but as of today the game has changed immensely. We are no longer required to go hat in hand to every influential group trading away bits of our rights for their support. Forget ridiculous training requirements, forget no campus carry, forget hgh license fees, forget no reciprocity, forget duty to inform. An impasse works to our advantage, why should we negotiate now that WE finally have the upper hand? Look at the Wisconsin carry law...it accepted a hunter's safety class as sufficient training, it accepted another state's carry license as sufficient training. Haven't heard any reports of blood flowing in the streets due to stupid accidents caused by not having 40 hrs of training. Let's dictate some damn tough terms to Madigan & Co and see how they enjoy being on that end of the shaft for once.
  18. You would still be caught up with breaking the Chicago law, as the gun that you left upstairs would be operational as would the one that you made operational in the time of need. A simply ridiculous requirement. I'm sure if you asked nicely the bad guy would give you a minute to dash upstairs to grab the 1st gun. (He says tongue firmly in cheek)
  19. That's the portion of Deerfield in Cook County. Most of Deerfield is on Lake County and there are 913 listed there.
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