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  1. It will be even worse after the November elections when we will see the impact of the newly gerrymandered district map.
  2. Miracle of miracles… my FOID renewal finally arrived today. Seven months to the day after I did the renewal process through the ISP portal, an email and multiple phone calls to the ISP later. This system has got to go away.
  3. Thanks for the tip Molly. I've been waiting for my renewal since last November. Glad to be able to the the "e" version at least.
  4. I would like to propose a ban on stupid politicians shooting off their mouth on things they don't understand...like our constitutional rights.
  5. At one point there was a provision to allow burning if you had a certain size property. I don't recall the size since it was way more than my 1/2 acre and wouldn't help me. Don't know if it was included in the final ordinance. Haven't even tried to figure what it's going to cost for the bleeping bags for leaves. We've got 20+ mature trees and a number of smaller ones as well. Might be worth checking in to for you though.
  6. Agreed. Until 2020 the idea of Lake County imposing a ban on leaf burning or imposing on us who will pick-up our garbage would have been laughable. As of June 1st both go into effect. The influx of leftist refugees from Chicago and Crook County has destroyed the county I grew up in. And with the latest round of gerrymandering it will only get worse.
  7. Submitted renewal 11/3/21. ISP portal says out for printing in January. Still no sign of new FOID. Sent inquiry thru the portal, no response. Sent email to my supposedly very pro 2A state rep's office, got canned response basically saying not to bother them until at least 6 months from renewal submission. My daughter submitted her renewal a week after I did and had her new card in hand in less than 2 weeks. This is beyond frustrating.
  8. Proud to see that my senator and rep both got a solid F from these fools.
  9. Still waiting, but my daughter submitted her renewal over a week after I did and her new card was in the mail Saturday. This system makes zero sense.😡
  10. Submitted renewal on 11/2/2021. According to ISP website new FOID issued 11/9. Still no sign of it in my mailbox. With the current state of the USPS, not going to worry for a while yet.
  11. That's about how long it took to renew my Utah permit last fall. Amazing how these states can handle a renewal in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost that it takes here in the People's Republic of Illinois...and if you have a question you can get a real person on the phone in minutes,
  12. That poor lady is going to die of old age waiting for this fiasco to finally be settled.
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