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  1. I have heard that if you get court supervision, that can affect the status of your FOID. I would call ISP.
  2. Much easier to read the forum on a mobile device using tapatalk. Thanks for getting this feature up and running.
  3. Here is the information that Ol'Coach researched on the Illinois FOID Click Here to veiw
  4. Welcome to Illinoiscarry. If you like you can put it in your signature in the emails that you send out to your friends also.
  5. Thats a great idea. I did not make this movie. Maybe down the road we could ask flashbunny.org to add something like that to what we have. They did us a great favor making this for us. It does a great job getting our point across for now.
  6. One of the good this about this movie is that after the movie is over, it takes you to the Illinoiscarry.com website.
  7. Click here to see Movie OK this is what you have been waiting for. It's short and to the point. I hope everyone likes it. Thanks to flashbunny.org for making it for us.
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