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  1. Was the constitutionality of this act ever challenged in court (and if not, WHY NOT!)? Now look where we are. I would think even the core group here would be enough to begin a class-action lawsuit. I would be more than happy to sign on to such an effort...
  2. What happens with someone like me? Whether it is because of a lifetime of farm work, advancing age, or the interferon I took for 29 years as a result of having MS, I have no discernible fingerprints. Open a biometric gun safe? Not this guy. The last time they tried to take them, I was told I have "incompetent fingerprints(?)". I think, at 64 with a squeaky-clean record, they have more than enough info to know who and what I am, by now...
  3. Slips sent on all four. Mauserme, I really appreciate all you do to help us in this fight. I do have one suggestion: On any thread like this, please start the title with "Call to Action". Having a couple busy days, here, and almost missed seeing this one. It does end with "More Action Needed", but on a quick scan down the titles, I almost failed to see the end of the phrase. Thanks again! Daryl
  4. Got it in, and even received a form letter back from my US Rep. We'll do it again next week, I guess?
  5. Applied 2/14 without prints Expiration of old permit was 4/15 Approved 7/3 Quite a wait for something that should take minutes (and should never be allowed to happen in the first place vis a vis the 2nd amendment!)
  6. As of this morning(!), my EDC is an HK Turmoil, built by Benchmade. I think it is a very nice, very high quality knife, and I love the size compared to the EDC blade that had been commanding my left pocket (right pocket is reserved for my Kahr pistol, and nothing else). It is an Out The Front design rather than side opening like the Entourage, but that is what I was looking for in particular, I found a few YouTube videos on my model that really helped me make the decision to go ahead and make the purchase. I just looked, and see that there are several reviews for the Entourage, as well. Maybe those could help you out...
  7. Is Colorado not the same as what is listed for Wyoming.... Does not recognize Illinois CC license, but allows open carry? Perhaps that isn't correct, but that was my understanding four years ago when I went for an elk hunt.
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