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Free Concealed Carry Training Classes

Kee Firearms

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Here at Kee Firearms & Training we are honoring our Founding Fathers wishes by providing FREE Concealed Carry Training Classes for Everyone!


We believe everyone should have access to highest level of training. We are NOT like everyone else priding themselves charging ridiculous amount of money for your rights!!!!


Here at Kee Firearms & Training you’re Training is FREE! Has Been FREE! And will continue to be FREE! We DON’T charge for your Rights!


If you want to be one of the thousands of individuals that has received high level training by KEE Firearms: Click this like to Register: https://forms.gle/wmB9Zhfdh5PgREGW9


Or Sign up Here: https://www.keefirearms.com/training-calendar


Renewals for Free as well! 


Questions Email: Info@keefirearms.com


$25.00 Range fee & $5.00 Certified Target Fee not included


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I had the opportunity and pleasure to stop by recently, and their shop is absolutely amazing.  First class facilities, great employees and ... INVENTORY!!  They have tons of firearms across the spectrum, and ammo, as well.  I'm really glad they posted here with their training offer.  I've been to most gun shops in the south/southwest suburbs, and I can't believe that Kee Firearms slipped past my notice.  This will be the first shop I go to in order to look for anything from here on out, it's just that good!  (Kid in a candy store alert!!!)

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