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  1. Got my refresher done today at Kee. Never knew it existed. Nice clean store, good staff, instructor seemed good. Had a sale going on so made a few purchases just for the free class. Will likely be using Kee as my new go to.
  2. Wow will these be going on in November too? This is awesome! Seriously planning to buy my next firearm just based on this.
  3. Just dropping this in here. Foid was to expire in august. Signed up at the end of April (like 28th) received card today with a 5/7 issue date. Wife’s took 6 months when she renewed. Weird. I always get instant approvals too, ISP must like me.
  4. I think you ever put a rifle stock on it, it’s a rifle (SBR with short bbl) you can’t go back to a pistol. Build as a pistol leave it a pistol.
  5. That’s great, SAF always seems to be working for 2A rights. While I am a lifetime NRA member, several years ago I switched my amazon smile donations to SAF. They seem to use the money for actual 2A causes.
  6. First Cabelas, now this one. Going for a monopoly? I’ve noticed Cabelas price increases since the acquisition and they only carry tracker boats now instead of alumacraft and a couple others.
  7. My wife and I received our licenses in the mail today. 115 days until active, 119 days total until in hands, no prints.
  8. ^^gamma post. Based on OPs description I would want cannons and a mote, "Castle Doctrine" .
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