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  1. Hello All! My Name is Gavin Regnier I am The General Manager as well as the Head Instructor here at KEE FIREARMS AND TRAINING. I want to just let everyone know that our instructors all are certified instructors through ISP and have very extensive backgrounds. Our instructors have backgrounds in the police and military. We offer FREE training because as many know it's expensive to go out and get trained for a ccl and then you have to pay $150 to the ISP. We want to give everyone a chance to get trained and be safe with firearms. A lot of people don't have that money or get discouraged because of how expensive it is, our goal is to strengthen the 2A Community. There is no scheme in any of this, there is no secret. We just want to give back and let everyone have a fair chance to get trained, I mean it is your right. As you all see, some instructors take full advantage of people in these classes and it isn't fair. So what we realized from us giving back is that we changed the prices others charge for classes. Now yes we train hundreds of students every class, we work with every student by teaching them how to properly use a firearm, we have people that we fail and make them come back a different time and we take the time to work with them to enhance there skills for free, other instructors charge $100 and hour and up for a "Private" Lesson. Also we learned that the majority of our classes are WOMEN! Oftentimes they are too intimidated to go to other classes because men just push them down and tell them what they need and bully them into thinking that they cant use firearms, or they go to the range with their husbands and they give them a 44 magnum and laugh when it scares them. This just ruins their idea of firearms. So, we are striving to make all people feel welcomed into the 2A Community and try to help them understand firearms and the safety of them. We want to show that firearms are dangerous if used improperly and that firearms can be used for good and protection. So it is much more that "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR" and all the other lies people say about how poor the training. If you ask me, I think that we provide quality training and that it is better than a class where they charge $150-$600 for the class because, WE CARE and WE WANT TO SEE PEOPLE BE SAFE, rather than just take peoples money. Here are out fees for everyone wondering: Class - FREE (No Cost) Range Fee - $30 (Mandatory) Gun Rental w/ ammo - $30 (Optional) Fingerprints - $65 (Optional) Application submission assistance - $40 (Optional) So I will Break it down: Class - Obviously it is free, no funny business. Range Fee - is $30 and everyone has to pay due to us having to pay a range fee per person, Targets, and Insurance Requirements. Gun Rental w/ ammo - We charge $30 to use a Firearm with pre-loaded (3) 10 rnd magazines or the Student must have (3) 10 round magazines of their own, or the equivalent to 30 rounds in order to use their own gun. Fingerprints - Is $65, this seems to be a pretty inexpensive fingerprint cost due to the fact others charge a lot more for the same service. We have seen people charging $95 since there has been talk of it being mandatory. Yet we have not changed our cost at all. Application submissions assistance - this is $40, we offer this because we noticed a lot of people don't have computers or a way to upload documents via scanner. Some older people don't have the skills to use a computer. Some people need help with their logins (we all know that is a pain). So we give the people who pay for this a one on one with a person from our shop to sit down with them and submit their application and scan and upload documents and pictures. This to help people in need. As you can see none of our prices are out of line and only one of them is a mandatory fee, the rest is optional. So we are giving people excellent firearms training for a very affordable price. We want to see the communities be safe with firearms and we want to strengthen the firearms community. I, Gavin Regnier, encourage anyone with any questions or doubts to call or text me via phone at 331-775-1582 or via email at gavin@kee2010.com. I would encourage people to come sit in our classes and see for themselves so you can make your own opinion on us.
  2. DO YOU HAVE TO PAY TO SPEAK? THEN WHY PAY TO CARRY? Here at Kee Firearms & Training we are honoring our Founding Fathers wishes by providing FREE Concealed Carry Training Classes for Everyone! We believe everyone should have access to highest level of training. We are NOT like everyone else priding themselves charging ridiculous amount of money for your rights!!!! Here at Kee Firearms & Training you’re Training is FREE! Has Been FREE! And will continue to be FREE! We DON’T charge for your Rights! If you want to be one of the thousands of individuals that has received high level training by KEE Firearms: Click this like to Register: https://forms.gle/wmB9Zhfdh5PgREGW9 Or Sign up Here: https://www.keefirearms.com/training-calendar Renewals for Free as well! Questions Email: Info@keefirearms.com $25.00 Range fee & $5.00 Certified Target Fee not included
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